I get this all the time.  People want to know what they should or shouldn’t be eating.  When I was learning how to eat healthy while taking Plexus, I thought I was eating healthy but I think we all fool ourselves.  After keeping a food log on everything I had been eating, although fruit, veggies and such, what I didn’t realize I was also eating unhealthy foods.  Not a lot of them, but enough to play a part in not losing weight.  The “Well it won’t hurt if…” another soda, another cookie, another sweet, another ice cream, or a little butter, one more roll, extra cheese please…. even if they say, “diet” or “low-fat”.  It is all about a life change and breaking habits. These all add up after a while!  All the healthy foods are great but the other ones is what adds to the waistline.

My husband still thinks he should buy pop tarts, yes the brown sugar cinnamon ones when toasted fill the house with a yummy smell.  Even when I tell him not to buy them, the boys are grown so stop buying junk food and Captain Crunch Cereal.  He buys bread, milk and meat.  There is no butter in the house, no cookies, no snack food except chips and salsa, nuts and fruit.

Here is my list of foods that you should be eating, so throw out the other or don’t buy them!  You can’t season with bacon grease if you don’t have it.  Learn to use fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil, coconut oil and other great tasting foods to enhance your taste.  Drink water, smoothies and almond milk for healthier choices! 

Another thing that also helped me was training my mind before I started.  I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Food Inc, Forks Over Knives and other related topics of how America is increasing in obesity along with the many diseases that come from unhealthy eating.  If you don’t start training your mind and change the way you think about your food then you won’t actually change your eating habits long term.  There is so much temptation out there while media from Tv and standing in line at the grocery, we must start thinking right to eat right.  Our mind determines our actions!  Our actions determine our habits and our habits determine what our body is going to look like!