Snacks That Cut Calories = Flat Tummy

flat tummy snacks and foods found here52 Best Snacks for a Flat Tummy

When your mind is set on weight loss, you’re probably desiring quick results. You’ve heard over and over again that you need to cut calories and eat nutrient-dense foods that act as fuel for your body, but how can you do that without going hungry? By eating smarter and making conscious choices about what enters that mouth of yours, you’ll be able to cut calories where they won’t be severely missed. The following healthy alternatives rounded up by Prevention have less saturated fats and refined grains to keep you fuller, longer, meaning you’ll be snacking smarter, not necessarily less.


Instead of: 16 oz latte | Choose: 12 oz latte made with fat-free milk | Calories saved: 120

Instead of: 16 oz soda | Choose: Water with a squeeze of lemon  | Calories saved: 180

Instead of: 16 oz Iced Mocha Frappuccino | Choose: 16 oz iced coffee with fat-free milkCalories saved: 270

Instead of: Iced tea with 2 tsp sugar and lemon | Choose: Iced tea with a squeeze of orange and lemon | Calories saved: 30

Instead of: 1 cup juice | Choose: ½ cup juice mixed with ½ cup sparkling water | Calories saved: 60

Instead of: 4 oz white or red wine | Choose: 2 oz white or red wine with 2 oz sparkling water | Calories saved: 50

Instead of: 16 oz beer | Choose: 12 oz light beer | Calories saved: 100

Instead of: ¼ cup grated cheddar cheese | Choose: 1 Tbsp Parmesan cheese | Calories saved: 90

Instead of: ½ cup grated whole mozzarella | Choose: ½ cup reduced-fat mozzarellaCalories saved: 85

Instead of: ½ cup cottage cheese | Choose: ½ cup 1% fat cottage cheese | Calories saved: 35

Instead of: 8 oz 2% milk | Choose: 8 oz fat-free milk | Calories saved: 50

Instead of: 12 oz coffee with 2 Tbsp cream | Choose: 12 oz coffee with ¼ cup fat-free milkCalories saved: 20

Instead of: 2 large eggs | Choose: 3 large egg whites | Calories saved: 95

Instead of: ½ cup whole milk ricotta cheese | Choose: ½ cup part-skim ricotta cheeseCalories saved: 45

Instead of: Chocolate chip cookie, 4″ diameter | Choose: 4 1″ squares of dark chocolateCalories saved: 180

Instead of: ½ cup trail mix with chocolate chips | Choose: Do-it-yourself trail mix (½ cup Spoon Size Shredded Wheat, 2 Tbsp sliced almonds, 1 Tbsp raisins) | Calories saved: 160

Instead of: 1 cup potato chips (about 15) | Choose: 2 cups air-popped popcorn | Calories saved: 95

Instead of: Tortilla Chips, 1 oz bag | Choose: Baked tortilla chips, 1 oz bag | Calories saved: 50

Instead of: Snickers candy bar | Choose: Luna Bar (flavor, your choice) | Calories saved:85

Instead of: 1 oz bag pretzels (about 10)| Choose: ½ oz bag whole grain pretzels | Calories saved: 55

Instead of: ½ cup Peanut M&M’s | Choose: ½ cup unshelled pistachio nuts | Calories saved: 90Get bikini ready with these flat tummy foods

Instead of: 1 cup fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt | Choose: ½ cup diced strawberries with ½ cup fat-free vanilla yogurt | Calories saved: 105

Instead of: Blueberry muffin | Choose: Whole grain English muffin spread with 1 Tbsp blueberry fruit spread | Calories saved: 270

Instead of: 1″-thick slice banana bread | Choose: 1 slice whole grain toast topped with ½ banana mashed and mixed with 1 tsp peanut butter | Calories saved: 260

Instead of: Plain bagel | Choose: ½ whole wheat bagel | Calories saved: 125


The fastest way to a flat tummy is….

….changing up what you eat!

That’s right ~ doesn’t matter HOW awesome your exercise program is. If you continue to fill your body with junky, processed, empty calorie and high sugar foods you will not achieve the flat tummy!

So to help get you started and on your way to REAL flat tummy results, here is a list of my Favorite Flat Tummy Foods that will help you boost your metabolism, beat the bloat and burn the belly fat!

Combine your nutrition efforts with an effective exercise plan and you will see and feel results in as little as 2-4 days!

Are you ready for the Swimsuit Season?

1. Rolled Oats

They fill you up with fat fighting fiber to not only keep you satisfied and give you the energy to start your day but this flat tummy food also helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels – which keeps your body off the fat storage roller coaster and helps to fight cravings!

2. Apples

Apples are so easy to grab and go, we always have them on hand, they are high in water content and fiber, plus research has shown the pectin in apples aids in your fat loss efforts for it causes the stomach to empty more slowly and you feel satisfied longer.

3. Blueberries

I always have a giant bag of these powerful berries on hand! Not only super high in antioxidants to keep you youthful, healthy and energetic, they are also a sweet source of fiber and they contain tannins, which act as astringents in the digestive system to reduce inflammation – promoting a healthier digestive tract.

4. Almonds

“Portable protein” – the perfect emergency snack or pair it up with a fruit or veggie. High in metabolism-boosting Protein and Healthy Fats. Watch your portions though – measure out 1/4 cup servings and stick in a snack size baggie.

5. Eggs

Yes, they ARE good for you. They are considered the gold standard of protein quality because of their superior amino acid content, providing your body with the building blocks for lean muscle – the heart and soul of your metabolism – they keep you satisfied and energized. Plus they are affordable and super easy to make – it takes less than 3 minutes to prepare an egg.

6. Spinach

This super veggie goes with everything. At only 5 calories per cup how could it not?! Use in omelets, wraps, salads, side dishes…the list goes on. Great source of beta carotene, vitamin C, calcium, folate and magnesium to keep your body healthy and your metabolism humming!

7. Yogurt

A great source of protein and the live cultures help boost immunity and aid in digestion. My favorite – Greek Yogurt. NOTE: Avoid choosing brands that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup and artificial sweeteners. Read the ingredients!!! (ex – yoplait – not so good).

8. Grilled Chicken

The simplest, most versatile lean protein you can use to create satisfying, energizing meals and snacks. My favorite grilled chicken recipe – marinate tenderloin in lime juice, chili powder and fresh chopped cilantro for a couple hours. Bake or grill for tasty and delicious meal and snack chicken strips!

9. Frozen Wild Salmon Fillets

Another simple and delicious protein source! I buy mine frozen to last longer and for easy prep. Loaded with omega-3′ – essential fatty acids that promote fat loss by helping to regulate insulin and even decrease insulin resistance. They improve blood sugar control, which helps reduce food cravings and overeating. Plus omega-3s help your body to burn off calories before they get stored as fat.

10. Pink Grapefruit

These super fruits are loaded with potassium, vitamin C and beta carotene, pectin from the membranes has soluble fiber plus the high water content helps you feel satisfied. The added zing from this tart fruit lends to a refreshed and energized feeling during your meal as well.

11. Salsa

Yes, tomatoes have wonderful health benefits, but in salsa form they also work well to add low cal, energizing flavor to your meals. Choose a spicy variety and get the added metabolism-boosting kick from Capsaicin — the chemical in peppers that gives them their bite.

12. Green Tea

It has a lower level of caffeine (to help me get off the energy roller coaster) and loaded with EGCG. (studies show this ingredient causes your brain and nervous system to run more quickly — helping you burn more calories.) BONUS: It enhances your mood as well. Be sure to brew your own for these benefits are NOT found in store-bought green teas.

Now you have 1 fat fighting, metabolism boosting, flat tummy foods to incorporate into your weekly meal plans.

If your nutrition plan requires a TON of work – no worries for you can get STILL get results from making one simple change each day. Try this…just replace 1 food a day and see what a difference it makes to how you feel and how your belly looks!

Want to see and feel FAST results in 2-4 days? Then make an effort to incorporate all 12 flat tummy foods as often as you can during the week.

Here’s to your Flat Tummy Success!

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How To Get A Flat Belly

I am still working on it!  After 4 kids and my baby being 22, is it possible after all these years to get a flat belly?  I will keep you updated on my progress.  Hard work?  You better believe it, so don’t tune me out yet!  I mean who are we kidding here?  We think we can eat a few donuts, (yum) have sugar again in desserts (double yum) and a coke at the movies and think it doesn’t stick!  It does!  I learned the hard way when I was approaching the danger zone of the BMI and decided to make a change in not only my eating habits but exercising. (Which I am still struggling to do!) Lord help!  OK, this journal helps me with my thoughts and helps me stick to the plan.  No quick fix but yet you can do it if you have a plan and stay motivated.

That’s where I like to come in.  Last year I lost with this amazing product called Plexus Slim Combo!  It curved my appetite and got me off my lazy behind to start exercising and watching what I ate.  I lost 24 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 6.  So I now help others do the same.

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OK, want to know the belly plan?  Follow the exercises and watch the change.  As soon as I have the flat stomach I desire, I will take that picture to post… lol…. for now, I will just stick to the plan. :)

Flat belly ball exercise Get a flat belly with the ball Flat belly ball exercise Flat belly ball exercise Flat belly ball exercise Flat belly ball exercise Flat belly ball exercise

What to Do:

Do 12 to 15 repetitions of each move in the order shown. Between each exercise, do a cardio burst: 2 minutes of skipping rope, marching or jogging in place; stair climbing or stepping; or doing star jumps. Remember to warm up and cool down by marching or stepping side to side (in place) for 3 to 5 minutes at the beginning and end of your workout.

Reverse Crunch

Lie face up with calves resting on ball, arms at sides. Press legs into ball, squeezing it between calves and thighs. Contract abs and lift hips 8 to 15 cm off floor, drawing knees towards chest. Hold for 1 second, then lower. (Cardio burst: 2 minutes)

Make it easier: Contract abs and lift just ball off floor, keeping hips down.  Make it harder: Keeping neck in line with spine, lift head and shoulders off floor as you raise hips. Hold, then lower both upper body and hips.

Rock & Roll

Start on knees, with legs about hip-width apart. Place fists on ball in front of you. Keeping body in line from head to knees and abs tight, lean forwards and roll onto forearms. Hold for 1 second, then roll back to starting position. (Cardio burst: 2 minutes).
Make it easier: Instead of keeping body in a straight line, bend hips as you roll onto forearms, or keep body in line and roll only partway onto forearms. Make it harder: Once you’re balancing on forearms, straighten legs and press balls of feet into floor to form a straight line from head to heels. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds, then repeat.


Start in the same position as the Skier: ball under thighs, legs together and balancing on hands, with body in line from head to toes. Keeping legs straight, contract abs and lift hips towards ceiling, rolling ball to shins. Hold for 1 second, then lower. (Cardio burst: 2 minutes)
Make it easier: Lift hips about 10 cm and roll ball to knees. 
Make it harder: Start with ball under shins and roll to tops of feet, lifting hips so torso is as vertical as possible, as if you’re doing a handstand.

Ball Curl

Sit on ball, walk feet forwards and roll torso down until bottom of backside is just off ball and middle and lower back are on ball, feet together. Place hands behind head. Lean back, pressing upper back against ball, then exhale, contract abs and curl forwards until upper back lifts off ball. Keep chin tucked slightly, as if you were holding an orange under it. Hold for 1 second. Inhale and lower. (Cardio burst: 2 minutes).
Make it easier: Place feet wider than hip-width apart (for more stability) and cross arms over chest.
Make it harder: Straighten one leg so it’s parallel to floor and you’re balancing on one foot. Do half of the reps, then switch legs to finish.


LIE OVER BALL on all fours. Walk hands forwards so ball rolls under thighs, keeping legs together, abs tight and body in line from head to toes. Bend knees, pulling them and ball (it will roll to shins) towards right shoulder. Hold for 1 second, then roll back out and repeat to left side. (Cardio burst: 2 minutes).
Make it easier: Hold starting position—body in line from head to toes, abs braced—for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat once.
Make it harder: Start with ball under shins and let it roll to tops of feet as you draw knees in.

Start today on the COMBO – not only will it give you that extra kick butt energy but it will also slim you down to where you can get to these exercises as you slim down…. at first I was rolling all over the place because my core was in terrible shape.  I use to laugh at myself trying to exercise now I feel confident I can do it, even at the age of 50! – click SHOP PLEXUS – look for the Plexus Slim/Accelerator and click on PREFERRED PURCHASE for the extra discount!

Getting a flat stomach soon…. together we can do it!


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