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Let’s face it after having four boys in a seven-year period is no cupcake!  I remember trying to get my body back into shape after the 4th one. :)  I wish I had Plexus slim back in those days to give me energy and help me lose.

Read what this new mother wrote:

I came across Plexus Slim from my dear friend Amy. I saw she had awesome results and figured with a 60 day money back guarantee why not see if it could help speed up my process of getting all this baby weight off. Well boy oh boy did it work! I lost 8lbs my first week and a pant size Every week was a few lbs gone and it sure was showing because i was being asked everyday what i was doing. Well 2 months later I have lost 24lbs and 4 pant sizes! I went shopping this weekend and everything i bought was a size 8 or a medium. That is the best feeling in the world to know I am finally at a “normal” size that is always in stock. I love Plexus and I will be a life long addict to their products!!!! I feel like ME again without the fat suit – Gina Marie C.If you are ready to lose the baby weight, you CAN with this powder you mix with a bottle of water every morning!

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How much baby weight do you want to lose?

Note:  Plexus Slim is all natural and safe.  If you are breastfeeding, please contact your health provider before taking.  The Accelerator in the combo is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers, so please wait until you are finished breastfeeding before taking the Accelerator.  If you are breastfeeding I would suggest the Plexus 96 meal Replacement shakes.  This is only 96 calories but gives you the nutritional value you need. You can purchase Plexus 96 also from the link. 

How To Drink Plexus Slim

There is many ways going around on how to take your Plexus Slim drink.  This weight loss supplement is a cherry pomegranate tasting powder you mix with water and drink daily that curbs your appetite and regulates your sugar.  I basically mix mine up in 16 ounces bottle of water and drink within 30 min.  I then eat a small breakfast to start my day.  For faster weight loss I would take 1-2 Accelerators if I am using the combo.PLEXUS SLIM will help you lose weight

Some of the questions I get asked are:

  1. Can you mix Plexus ahead of time?
  2. Does it spoil?
  3. Can I sip on it through out the day?
  4. Is it better to mix with room temp water or cold water?
  5. Can I take it more than once daily?
  6. Can I half the package up and drink twice daily?
  7. Should I drink all the bottle at once?

Here is the proper way to take it:

Dave Brown said that it will NOT lose anything if you mix it up ahead of time and put in fridge.

And you don’t have to drink it within 10 minutes of mixing (say in your water bottle) to keep it from going bad.

Dave said that it would be best to drink it within 30 minutes or so, just for the sake of getting it all in your body quickly so it can go to work. If you mix it in a gallon of water, you’ll use 8 packets of Slim – and it makes 8 16oz glasses.

You can take it anytime of the day.  It is safe and all natural even for breastfeeding mothers and children.  There is no stimulates. Mix in room temperature for easy mixing and then refrigerate.

How do I drink Plexus Slim?Enjoy your Slim today!

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