How To Succeed In Weight Loss

I love this article by Jack Canfield!

More than half of all Americans want to lose weight – yet of those who choose to diet, more than 95% never reach their goal or quickly regain the weight they lost.

Why do so many people find it so difficult to achieve their weight and health goals?

Some might argue that it has to do with lack of willpower or low self-esteem… but I think it’s simply a matter of poor planning.

If you want to accomplish a goal, you have to have a realistic and achievable plan.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is, if you don’t create a plan that outlines the steps you need to take to reach that goal, you will find it very hard to achieve any real and lasting results.

Today I’d like to share one of my simplest and most powerful Success Principles that will help you reach your weight goals at last: the Rule of 5.

 This simply means that every day, you complete five specific tasks that will move you closer to your goal.

Success is the sum of small efforts



Here are five tips on how YOU can use the Rule of 5 to reach your ideal weight and achieve your health goals – and say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and fluctuating energy levels once and for all:

1. Be specific

It’s one of, if not THE most important aspect of goal setting.

It’s not enough to say you want to “lose weight” or “eat less and exercise more.” It’s too vague and doesn’t give you a concrete target to work towards. You’ll find it much easier to measure your success if you give yourself clearly defined targets to hit, such as:

  • Go online to find 7 recipes for quick and healthy meals to make for dinner this week
  • Go to store and buy spinach, kale, peppers, sprouts, and radishes for lunch-time salads
  • Go for 2-mile walk or jog
  • Drink a green smoothie to offset craving for sweets
  • Eat veggies and homemade yogurt dip for today’s afternoon snack
  • Avoid all foods with refined sugar or flour today
  • Drink herbal tea instead of wine tonight
  • Go to the gym for 1 hour
  • Do 50 pushups today
  • Avoid eating anything after 7 pm

The clearer you get on your five daily goals, the easier it will be for you to keep them top of mind and the more motivated you’ll be to achieve them.

2. Be realistic

When you’re on a mission to get fit, it can be tempting to go on a crash diet and try to lose as much weight as possible in a ridiculously short amount of time. Or to attempt to “kick your body into gear” by embarking on an intense workout schedule that’s way beyond the reach of your current fitness level.Juicing to help lose weight and curb appetite for snacking

But if you go too hard, too fast you run the risk of injuring yourself or depriving yourself of the nutrients you need to live a vibrant, healthy life. And any weight you lose will come bouncing back as soon as you start eating normally again.

Here are some examples of unrealistic goals I recommend you avoid if you want to achieve real and lasting success:

  • Lose two pounds today
  • Eat less than 800 calories
  • Jog 5 miles (when you haven’t been running in years)

All of these are either difficult to achieve or they are likely to cause more harm than benefit in the long run. Either you’ll injure yourself or fail to meet the goals because they’re too ambitious or unsustainable. And that’s more likely to leave you feeling so frustrated or depressed, you give up your quest altogether.

walking to reach goals for weight loss3. Choose goals that lead to long-term success

Instead of going for “quick-fix” results that evaporate over time and may even negatively impact your health, focus on goals that help you set the foundation for lasting success.

The best way to do this is to choose goals that cultivate a healthier mindset around food and your body and allow you to spend more time doing physical activities you truly LOVE.

Here are some examples:

  • Make an appointment with a nutritionist to learn how to prepare healthier meals
  • Find 10 delicious recipes for cooking healthy greens (such as kale, chard, or collard greens)
  • Sign up for a yoga class
  • Create next month’s workout schedule
  • Email Lisa and Steph to see if they want to go hiking this weekend
  • Research local martial arts classes and make at least one appointment to attend a free introductory class
  • Write a journal entry listing 10 things I love about my body
  • Do a gratitude meditation, focusing on my healthy strong body
  • Put $100 in my “new bike” fund

By focusing on loving yourself and making choices that help you feel incredible inside and out, you’ll be far more likely to reach your weight and health goals – and maintain them over the long term.

After all, what would you rather do: starve yourself for a month and lose 10 pounds, only to gain it back the next month – or lose 20 pounds in four months while eating delicious food and enjoying fun physical activities that make you feel good inside and out – and never gain that weight back?

4. Choose your goals the night before

One great way to guarantee that you achieve your goals is to get clear on what they are and write them down the night before. Keep the list beside your bed and review them before you even get out of bed. That way you’ll start your day with your daily health goals already top of mind.

Not only will you naturally be more motivated to achieve your goals, you’ll also be giving yourself more time to make it happen!

planning to lose weight5. Work with a daily accountability partner

If you want to go the extra distance to ensure that you meet your health and weight goals every single day, choose a daily accountability partner who you can trust to encourage and inspire you.

Having a daily accountability partner doesn’t have to involve much time or effort. All you have to do is email your five goals to him or her every day. Every day, let your accountability partner know if you met the previous day’s goals. If you didn’t manage to accomplish them all, don’t offer any excuses or explanations – just state whether you did or didn’t achieve them and then go onto to list today’s goals.

By publicly announcing your goals – even if it is only to one other person – you subconsciously give yourself greater motivation to achieve them. You know your accountability partner is out there cheering you on, and you don’t want to disappoint them, so you find yourself expending that extra bit of time and effort to check all five goals off the list.

What to do when goal-setting fails

Sometimes, despite our deepest desire to create change, goal setting isn’t enough. No matter how often we write down our daily goals, we consistently fail to achieve them. It seems like we’ll never achieve them.


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Avoid These Additives to Stay Healthy

I love eating whole organic foods as nature intended and is an absolute best way to keep and maintain a healthy brain. However, living here in Ky, there is little whole food grocery stores to find unless you drive to a larger city 45 min – 2 hours away.

If we avoid these additives below or at least reduce consumption of food additives, it will causing less stress on the brain. But no matter how hard we try, we all occasionally eat food that comes in a can or a box at least once in awhile.  This is hard, I agree but we must learn to read labels.

The FDA allows 3,000+ additives to be used in the US food supply. 

This can be confusing, so you must educate yourselves because Not all additives are unhealthy. You will find everyday items on the list like salt, vitamin C, and acetic acid (vinegar). You’ll also find long-winded names like Eleutherococcus senticosus which may sound suspicious, but is actually just ginseng.

But some of the nastiest additives in the world ARE NOT required to be on the label!

These are the TOP 6 that I recommend to avoid at all costs. 


Currently, there are 92 categories of complaints filed against aspartame with the FDA. And ironically, it is highly suspected of making people who use it fatter.

Original studies were falsified to hide the fact that animals fed aspartame developed seizures and brain tumors, but the FDA approved it anyway. As we well know, The FDA has a history of caring more about large profits than the consumers health.

Known as Nutrasweet, Equal, and AminoSweet, this is one of the easiest brain-damaging chemicals to avoid since it is clearly labeled.  Now, it’s important to know that aspartame may be disguised as a new name in your favorite foods – amino sweet. (Read more here)

Why This is BAD for your brain and health! Don’t eat!


While the affects of aspartame have been well-publicized, those of the horrific artificial sweetener sucralose are not as well known. Sucralose is marketed as Splenda whose ads say “made from sugar so it tastes like sugar”. What the ads don’t tell you is that sucralose is sugar bonded to chlorine, making it a toxic chlorocarbon.

Some common neurological side effects are headaches, migraines, dizziness, brain fog, anxiety, depression, kidney pain/failure, and tinnitus. Another side effect is weight gain, which rather defeats the purpose.

Sucralose prevents nutrient absorption and reduces the amount of good bacteria in your intestines by 50%. If you are using splenda; STOP using it immediately and start on ProBio5 to help rebuild the positive bacteria back up. Bad bacteria can have numerous negative effects on your brain including damage to the hippocampus, the part of the brain where memories are stored.

Stop drinking diet soda or eating foods with this or any other artificial sweetener.


Americans love their popcorn, munching down 17.3 billion quarts of popped corn each year! But home-popped microwave popcorn usually contains butter flavoring with the additive diacetyl. It’s already established this chemical causes a serious condition called “microwave popcorn lung”.

Diacetyl is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, a defense which prevents harmful substances from entering the brain. It causes beta-amyloid clumping which is a significant indicator of Alzheimer’s.

You won’t see the word diacetyl on the label, but if you see “artificial butter flavor” or “natural flavors” on the label assume it contains diacetyl.

I’m as bummed about this as you are. But you can eat popcorn safely.

The best way to get healthy popcorn is to pop your own. Purchase NON-GMO Popcorn and drizzle melted organic butter on top.  There is nothing wrong with using butter anyway.

Butter is a particularly good source of vitamin A and the fatty acid butyrate. Butyrate reduces chronic inflammation and counters neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Do you eat this? DON’T!

Monosodium Glutamate

Monosodium glutamate, usually referred to simply as MSG, is ubiquitous in processed foods. It breaks down in the body into glutamate, a known excitotoxin — a substance that literally stimulates brain cells to death.

A truly alarming thing about MSG is that it is in just about everything, yet it is not required to be on labels. This makes it very difficult to avoid.

It is required to be listed on a label only if it’s 100% pure MSG. Spices, flavorings, and natural flavorings can all contain up to 99% MSG with no mention on the label!

Generally the saltier the food, the more MSG it will have, with worst offenders including canned soups, snacks, and ramen noodles.

And don’t think that shopping at a health food store will protect you. Health food items are not immune, especially refined soy products like soy burgers.

Top MSG Sources

Here are some ingredients to watch out for that always contain MSG:

·         Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

·         Hydrolyzed plant protein

·         Hydrolyzed protein

·         Plant protein extract

·         Calcium caseinate

·         Sodium caseinate

·         Yeast extract

·         Textured protein

·         Autolyzed yeast

These ingredients can contain MSG:

·         Malt extract

·         Malt flavoring

·         Bouillon

·         Broth

·         Stock

·         Flavoring

·         Natural flavoring

·         Beef flavoring

·         Chicken flavoring

·         Seasoning

·         Spices

Another huge source of MSG is fast food restaurants. With one of the worst offenders being KFC at the top of the list. Even their salads and green beans contain MSG!



This is another one that I have gone over repeatedly in the past, yet almost everyone still uses alluminum based deodorant.

Aluminum is an additive in baking powder and anti-caking agents, but it is used as much more than just a food ingredient. It is the most abundant metal in the the earth’s crust, however there is no where in the world that you can find free form like the kind you find in these items. It’s in drinking water, antacids, deodorant, cans, foil, and is very commonly used in cookware.

Aluminum is suspected of contributing to Alzheimer’s. In the 1970′s, autopsies revealed that people that had Alzheimer’s had a larger than normal concentration of aluminum in the brain. This understandably began a scare that aluminum was the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Many people consequently stopped using aluminum cookware. This soft metal leeches into food especially when cooking acidic foods like tomato, lemon, or vinegar.

Stainless steel is the better cookware choice. It is more durable, scratch-resistant, and less reactive than aluminum. It’s easier to keep looking good for the long haul, too.

I also recommend using aluminum-free deodorants.

Sodium Fluoride

As I have documented in previous newsletters, fluoride was allegedly used by the Nazis during World War II to sterilize concentration camp prisoners and make them docile. Even today fluoride is considered by many as a key ‘dumbing down’ ingredient of Prozac and Sarin nerve gas – and in some cases, is used in rat poison!

Since we already know aluminum is a known neurotoxin, it only makes sense to minimize your exposure.

Avoiding these six chemicals is not that difficult. There are healthy alternatives, so you can reduce exposure with little effort. Taking action will help you reduce exposure to brain toxins.

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EASY STEPS To Kick Sugar Addiction

I found a great article from Dr Axe and thought I would share!

How can you STOP the sugar addiction?  Here are some easy STEPS!Here are the top ways to reduce sugar cravings. There are really four main steps. You need to get more fiber, more protein, more healthy fat and consume sour foods. If you follow those steps, and a fifth one we’ll add here, those things will help you overcome your sweet addiction and sugar cravings.

1. Get more protein in your diet.
Protein actually will help balance out blood sugar and so that really helps with sugar cravings. That really is the biggest reason there. Some of the best protein foods out there include:

Grass-fed beef
Whey protein, ideally from raw goat milk
Wild fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna, etc.
Organic chicken
Black beans
Raw milk
Free-range eggs
Raw cheese
2. Consume more healthy fats.
Your body can burn sugar for energy or fat for energy. If you stop consuming as much sugar, start consuming more fat. Just make sure it’s healthy fats, the kind common in the Mediterranean diet. Your body will become a fat burner, which will also help weight loss, but that will actually reduce your sugar cravings. The best fat for that is actually coconut or coconut oil.

3. Get more fiber.
Fiber helps you stay fuller longer. It also supports detoxification and can reduce candida symptoms in your body. Candida is a major cause of sugar cravings. You want to aim for 35–40 grams of fiber a day. Start consuming more high-fiber foods, especially vegetables and nuts and seeds, like chia seeds and flaxseeds.

Other good sources of fiber include:

Asian pears
Acorn squash
Brussels sprouts
Black beans
Lima beans
Split peas
It’s also important to eat a high-fiber diet because fiber is more than just a regulator. Dietary fiber can also help with other conditions and health issues!

4. Consume more sour or probiotic-rich foods.
Things like probiotic yogurt and kefir are, in fact, sour because of the good bacteria found in them. They fight off and reduce candida in your body, which is why you reduce sugar cravings.

So again, consuming probiotic-rich foods, like kefir and yogurt, fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi, and also sour foods like apple cider vinegar is fantastic. Using apple cider vinegar on a salad or apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in your water throughout the day can decrease your sugar cravings.

More probiotic foods include:

Coconut kefir
Raw cheese
Brine-cured olives
Salted gherkin pickles
5. Switch to stevia.
Stevia is a no-calorie, natural sweetener that’s a good replacement for sugar if you’re looking to overcome those cravings temporarily.

Just beware. Not all stevia is created equal, which is why stevia side effects can vary. The three main types stevia are:

Green leaf stevia — This is the least processed of all types of stevia, and the leaves have basically been dried and ground into powder form. This stevia is sweet, slightly bitter and isn’t quite as potent as most stevia products. It’s about 30–40 times sweeter than sugar and the type of stevia that I believe is the best option.
Stevia extracts — Some brands of stevia today extract the sweeter and less bitter part of the stevia leaf (rebaudioside), which doesn’t have the health benefits found in stevioside. This type of stevia may be a better option than other regular sweeteners but there aren’t many studies available yet showing its effects. It’s about 200 times sweeter than sugar.
Altered stevia and Truvia — This is the type of stevia that you want to stay away from and in reality isn’t stevia at all. The problem with these stevia products is the processing and added ingredients.
This point cannot be stressed enough: Not all stevia products are created equal. There is a HUGE difference between consuming real stevia and the chemically processed Truvia.

If you follow those five steps above, you can kiss your sugar cravings goodbye.

The Best Sugar Alternatives

Another way to curb your sugar cravings and recover from a sugar addiction is to use healthy sugar alternatives. Try these natural sweeteners instead.

Raw honey
One tablespoon of raw honey has 64 calories and has less impact on glycemic load than a single banana. It’s important to note that these are the benefits of raw honey. Once honey has been pasteurized, it loses the many of the health benefits that raw honey brings to the table.

Dates are loaded with potassium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium and vitamin B6. From the date palm tree, they’re easily digested and help to metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Evidence shows that dates may help to reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood and may reduce the risk of stroke.

Coconut sugar
Now, more and more people are using coconut sugar as their natural sweetener of choice because of its low glycemic load and rich mineral content.

Maple syrup
Maple syrup is an outstanding source of manganese, and contains calcium, potassium and zinc. Rich with antioxidants, this all-natural sweetener helps to neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative damage. Select darker, Grade B maple syrups, as they showcase more of maple syrup’s nutritional benefits.

Blackstrap molasses
All molasses is obtained from raw cane sugar, made by boiling it until it’s a rich sweet syrup. Blackstrap molasses comes from the third boiling, concentrating its nutrients and providing for its deep, rich flavor.

Balsamic glaze
Balsamic vinegar is rich in antioxidants that destroy free radicals, rich in the enzyme pepsin that helps to promote healthy digestion, and it tastes great. That’s why it’s included in my healing foods diet.

Banana puree
Bananas are rich in fiber and potassium, and a good source of vitamins B6 and C. They’re also naturally sweet with a subtle flavor, making them a perfect natural sweetener.

Brown rice syrup
Brown rice syrup starts with brown rice that’s fermented with enzymes to break down the starch. The liquid is then heated until the syrup consistency is achieved. The result? A thick, amber-colored, sweet syrup perfect for recipes calling for corn syrup and other unhealthy sweeteners.

Real fruit jam
The key here is real fruit jam. Berries, stone fruit, apples, pears and grapes are great replacements for sugar in recipes. You can use commercially available fruit jam; just be sure there is no added sugar or pectin. It’s better to make your own sugar-free jam with organic fresh or frozen fruit. It’s easy and economical.


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How I Lost 33 Pounds in 16 Weeks

How did I lose weight?  EASY drink that taste delicious and you just mix with water once a day! Kathy shares:

How do I love the Pink Drink?

After a three-week plateau due to Candida, the scales are moving again. I know many of you are concerned about plateaus and a refrain from weight loss but I’m convinced that if you continue with your Plexus products, the plateau will break.

I chose to focus on my non-scale victories, which are grand; sustained energy, a clear mind, deep sleep, absence of migraines, controlled blood sugar, desire to eat healthy foods, absolutely no sugar cravings, clear skin, and the joy I feel knowing that my success has influenced others to experience improved health!

Since I realize many of you will ask, my routine includes Slim and two Accelerators when I first wake up, two Bio Cleanse twice daily, and 2 ProBio5 before bed. I also love an occasional 96 mixed with coconut milk!

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Plexus products are not FDA approved because “supplements” do not have to be approved by the FDA.  This is true to all the over the counter vitamins / other products / supplements on the shelves you purchase at your local Health Food Store, Grocery Store or Pharmacy .  However, Plexus does follow the proper regulations in following the guidelines set by FDA requirements.  In fact, plexus products ingredients has changed in some of our products to meet those guidelines in the last few years as well as advertising the benefits of products.  The therapeutic claims cannot be made that our products are drugs for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.   Please check with a physician if you have health questions or concerns or see disclaimer in the about section.

Break The Plateau With Plexus

What my year with Plexus did for meMy Plexus journey started January 2014. I kept seeing post on Facebook about Plexus. I was interested in losing weight, little did I know that it would help in other areas. Prior to Plexus, I was having pain in my left knee, left hip and suffered from headaches. I started with a 7-day trial pack of Plexus Slim/ Accelerator+, and within a few days noticed that the pain was not as severe and I wasn’t taking anything for my headaches. So, I joined to get the products at wholesale. Within the first couple of months I lost 14 inches and 5 pounds, but almost immediately hit a plateau. I reached out to what seemed like every, asking for advance on what I was doing wrong. I tried a vegan diet for two weeks and still no change.    CLICK HERE TO SEE PRODUCTS

What my year with Plexus did for meI was seeing people having amazing results with the products and started to get a little discouraged. It wasn’t until I talked with a friend and she suggested adding ProBio5 and BioCleanse to my routine. Starting in December I began taking 2 ProBio5 and 2 Biocleanse twice a day, along with Slim and Block. I started feeling a little better, but still no results at this point. After three months of this routine and after doing a spit test, I decided to add Accelerator+ back into my routine in February. On February 8th I started a clean eating diet and within the first week was down 8 pounds!! Who would have thought changing the foods would make that much of a difference. My current routine consists of Slim, 2 Xfactor & 2 Accelerator+ @ 7 a.m., 2 BioCleanse midday, 1 Block 30 minutes before lunch (if I can remember), 2 Block 30 minutes before my evening meal, 2 BioCleanse 1 hour before bedtime and 2 ProBio5 at bedtime. I also walk 2-3 miles daily and Zumba. I’m down 10.5 inches and 8 pounds since February 8th.

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How To Burn Fat Fast

I often research how to lose weight and fat burning ideas to keep my weight off.

I am sure that if you are researching Plexus Slim products, you have often wondered if there is a FDA warning on the products or heard if it causes liver damage, or what the cost is.  I too researched these before jumping into the plan.  You see, I was 48, a mother of four sons and quickly getting that pudgy look and was drastic for help.

Plexus products do not need FDA approval, in fact just like any other supplements (such as your vitamins at a local pharmacy ) don’t need to be FDA approved, however Plexus does follow the guidelines of FDA approval.  Slim is categorized as a food supplement therefore it is neither approved nor disapproved by the FDA.  Most of your supplements in most health stores are not FDA approved either.

As far as liver damage question, you will find many adversaries out there trying to disapprove the Slim.  Here are the ingredients in Slim: Chromium  (as chromium polynicotinate)  200 mcg, Plexus Slim blend:  Green coffee bean extract (contains chlorogenic acid and less than 2% natural caffeine), Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, alpha lipoid acid Other Ingredients: Polydextrose, citric acid, natural flavors, beet extract (for color), stevia leaf (Stevia rebaudiana) extract, luo-han-guo fruit extract, guar gum, silicon dioxide.  So you can research for yourself if you are concerned.

Since I took Plexus Slim/Accelerator combo over 3 years ago and lost 24 pounds, I decided then to make some lifestyle changes.  Have I stuck to the plan?  Somewhat.  Did I gain some weight back after a couple of years, yes.  Because of my age and because I decided to get lazy and stop exercising, plus sneaking a few unhealthy foods here and there, it will creep back in.  I now have started other avenues and started my plan again.  Plexus is again my daily morning routine along with the XFactor vitamins and the ProBio5 at night.  I occasionally take the Accelerator or Boost before a workout.  My eating habits have changed also.

Here is a great plan if you want an alternative to supplement taking:   Check it out!

Here’s EXACTLY what whole wheat bread, sugar, and vegetable oil does to the cells of your body (STOP eating these).

Your Simple Solution for Eating a Healthy Diet That Promotes Fat Loss (Permanently)

The Fat Burning Kitchen ProgramI’m going to show you that eating for permanent fat loss and prevention of terrible diseases like diabetes, heart disease or cancer does NOT have to be complicated.

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Effects Of Low Blood Sugar

Do you know what low blood sugar does?  Want to know the effects of low blood sugar?    Check out this article! Do you need help in regulating your sugar?  Plexus Slim was designed to help keep your sugar under control!


Having trouble losing weight and keeping it off? You’re not alone. But don’t worry! Finally there is the most-natural way to help you lose weight for the long term. Plexus Slim is the most-natural way to lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle. Slim also helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels. In addition, Slim helps reduce binge eating and increases your willpower over food. Simply pour into a bottle of water 30 minutes before a meal, drink, and experience the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe and effective weight control
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugars
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Promotes beneficial cholesterol and lipid levels
  • Proven ingredients—including Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid, and Garcinia Cambogia—that address all areas of weight loss
  • No meal replacements
  • No shakes
  • Fast and easy
  • Saves you time
  • A simple solution combined with water to help you succeed

More Info:


Half an hour before a meal — it does not matter which meal, it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner — pour the Plexus Slim powder into a 12 ounce glass/bottle of water, stir/shake and drink. That’s all there is to it!


Chromium Proprietary blend of Chlorogenic Acid (from Green Coffee Caffea arabica Bean) Extract (contains less than 2% natural caffeine), Garcinia cambogia Fruit Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid. Other Ingredients: POLYDEXTROSE, CITRIC ACID, NATURAL FLAVORS, BEET (BETA VULGARIS ROOT) EXTRACT (FOR COLOR), STEVIA (STEVIA REBAUDIANA LEAF) EXTRACT, LUO HAN GUO (SIRAITIA GROSVENORII FRUIT) EXTRACT.

The Mechanics of Weight Loss

Plexus Slim will help you keep your sugar levels under control!

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The body naturally stores fat. The most common areas are the stomach, thighs and buttocks. These excess fat stores contain toxins that cause havoc with our immune system. Ultimately this can lead to heart disease, diabetes, loss of energy, depression and many other debilitating conditions. “Obesity in the U.S. is driving rising rates of diabetes and hypertension with stroke-causing conditions affecting almost 3 in 10 Americans. Excess weight increases the risk of developing heart disease, stroke and other serious conditions, according to the U. S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.” Bloomberg News, October 2008

When used as part of a daily hydration regimen (1 stick pack per day), Plexus Slim promotes:

  • Loss of weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Healthy cholesterol and lipid levels
  • Healthy willpower over food choices

Plexus Slim is:

  • Safe, and non-thermogenic
  • Diabetic friendly

Product Active Ingredients

Leveraging the research and experience of one of the world’s largest high-quality ingredient compounder, Plexus Slim harnesses the beneficial essence of 2 plant extract concentrates, provides proven effectiveness in slimming and provides beauty benefits. Compounded using a proprietary process, Plexus Slim possesses a unique composition. Its effectiveness has been clinically proven. The principle active ingredient in Plexus Slim is a derivative of chlorogenic acid. Among other mechanisms, this ingredient provides: Fat metabolism —Chlorogenic acids are one of the major classes of phenolic compounds. They are present in a large variety of fruits and vegetables. They largely occur conjugated with quinic acid as in chlorogenic acid. Please feel free to contact me for more information!  Find me on Facebook!

Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

Andrew McKellar

Today marks one year since I started My Plexus Journey!! I can say it has completely changed my life and has been the single best decision that I have ever made!! I have lost 30 pounds, 14 inches, and 4 pant sizes!! Not only did I lose that, I have kept it off!!

I owe a very big Thank You to AbbyJo and Melisa Hilderbrand for not accepting no for an answer. They were determined to see me change my life, and stayed on me about it!! I on the other hand, did not believe that some “pink drink” was going to do a single thing for me. Instead, I was determined to use “manly” supplements (which I had taken for years with no results..) and resisted this thing called Plexus.

Well thank The Lord I listened! Because the weight loss isn’t even HALF of the life changing experience!! I sleep better than I EVER have. I am a morning person now, and that’s just plain weird. I’m Much less edgy and to put it simply, I’m just happy with life.

I could go on for days about how it’s changed my life and many of those around me, but Facebook doesn’t have enough space for me to write a book!

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My Top 7 Secrets To Look Younger

Want to look younger?

What type of beauty products help make you look young?

PRODUCTS to make you look young…

I know that I am 51 and people ask me all the time how come I look so young.  I have many secrets but here are my best ones.  You will see the supplements I take at the bottom of the page and I have included a link to buy them.  The Vitamins are the BEST!

Step 1: Choose Great Products

I love using great face products, wash, toner and moisturizer.  I wear sunscreen and limit my time in the sun.  I also take notice of how I sleep and when I wake on my side and wrinkling my face I turn back over.  Am I obsessed? Yes.  lol  I use Rodan and Fields and I am a preferred customer with their company so I don’t switch up using different products.  I also use Therapy Systems.  I like looking great, because just like having a great hair day, it does affect your emotions and how you feel about yourself.  It’s not necessarily about wearing good make up, however I do know when you use good products even for your hair, you get great results.

Want to look younger?  Try my secrets!Step 2: Cut out Sugar and low fat.

Low fat has been the craze now for decades and look around. What has that wonderful bit of advice done for the bodies you see? We’re fatter, sicker, and more addicted to sugar and carbs than any other time in history. And, we’re passing these habits to our kids.  Be sure to check out my other articles about sugar!

Fats are not to be feared – they’re to be embraced. Eating avocados is a plus not a danger! Sugar I say is of the devil and to be avoided at all cost.

Step 3: Exercise

Great way to look younger.... here are some good tips....Gym classes can be fun, if you like sitting in one place and torturing yourself. But have you noticed how little people change their bodies in these classes? Sure, it’s good “cardio”, but cardiovascular conditioning can be gained with far less time and effort.

Stength Training is a must.  In fact it is good to hire a personal trainer to get an overall body workout.  Although running is good for the heart and keep your fat intake under control, it won’t make you look younger unless you do some weights.

Step 4: Stop Blaming Everything On How Old You Are

Some people eat, think, and move like a fat, old, dying person and use the excuse of why they look like they do is because of their age!

Listen: Your body doesn’t own a clock. Studies have shown that men and women in their 90s were able to gain muscle tone in just a matter of weeks of simple weight training.

The best challenge there is happens to be taking control of your health and body.  Eating right, exercising and lifestyle change!

Step 5: Avoid Chronic Dehydration

drinking water is a great way to look younger... what are my other top secrets?  Check it out!Water isn’t just “good for you” — water burns fat. Water suppresses hunger. Water renews your skin. Just drinking 12 ounces of pure water every day can take a few years off your face in a matter of weeks. You’ll also drop fat, have more energy, and save your kidneys and liver from chronic overwork.

When your kidneys are taxed from too little water, your liver has to take over. Now, get this: Your liver is your number one fat-burning organ. Do you REALLY want it processing liquids and toxins rather than BURNING FAT? No way, right? Well, grab a glass of water, and watch the mirror. Within a few weeks, the change to your face and body will be noticeable.

I have an app on my phone called the Water Coach.  It will ding when you need water!  If you drink coffee, you need to drink extra water because the caffeine will really suck the life out of you making you look older.

Step 6:  Get Stress OUT!

Stress and drama can really make you look old!  I have met people who look “really old” and its because their life has been to hell and back because of their life path they have chosen.  Whether it’s been a decision or an environment, little steps taken in the right choice can help you look younger by de-stressing.  Take time to pray, meditate, being alone with God, journal and a time to take a walk, exercise and be in relationships that produces happiness.

Step 7 : Improve Your Diet

You may not realize it now but you are what you eat and that is scary especially in how we as women turn to fast drive through and boxed processed meals.  Not only do we need to slow down, relax but plan out our meals for a more healthy meals. If you are overweight and tired, chances are you are not only under stress but unhealthy inside your body and you look older.  I start my day out with Plexus Slim to regulate my sugar and control my appetite, the ProBio5 at night to control my sugar addiction, the XFactor Vitamins that have gave me super body hair and great skin.  I also take Vitamin B Complex, CoQ10 and Cod Liver Oil along with Vitamin D drops in my Young Living Essential Lemon Oil water.  I have links for all these if you want to place an order from my sources just leave me a comment below and I will help you get started.

One of the things I did to look younger and feel great was lose weight and this is how I did it! Over 2 years ago I turned to Plexus Slim as a weight loss supplement that not only regulated my blood sugars but gave me appetite control.  It is a cherry pomegranate flavored powder you mix with a bottle of water and drink!  I also took the Accelerator capsule.  I made some lifestyle changes along the way.  I gave up coke, and started planning out my meals with more fresh foods.  Not only did I lose 24 pounds but also 28 inches in three months!  Now I help people get healthy.  It also put me on the path to take out some of the stresses in my life!  I not only look younger but feel younger!  

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR Plexus Slim/Accelerator combo, X Factor Vitamins, ProBio5. 


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What the Heck is Leaky Gut?

Have you ever heard the term Leaky Gut???9 signs you may have a leaky gut!  You will want to see this....

If not then please take a minute to read this.

9 Signs You Have a Leaky Gut:

1. Digestive issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
2. Seasonal allergies or asthma.
3. Hormonal imbalances such as PMS or PCOS.
4. Diagnosis of an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s, thyroiditis, lupus, psoriasis, or celiac disease.
5. Diagnosis of chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.
6. Mood and mind issues such as depression, anxiety, ADD or ADHD.
7. Skin issues such as acne, rosacea, or eczema.
8. Diagnosis of candida overgrowth.
9. Food allergies or food intolerances.
LEAKY GUT, do you have it?  Do you have these symptoms?
It is so important to be on a daily probiotic. If you have these symptoms or you know someone who does please feel free to contact me in the comments below or get your ProBio5 today along with the BioCleanse here:

How Leaky Gut Affects You

Dr. Oz says, our digestive lining serves an important barrier function. It’s like a net with very small holes that allows only certain substances that are small enough to go through, while keeping out larger undesirable particles. With leaky gut, also known as increased intestinal permeability, the net becomes damaged, resulting in bigger holes that allow more things to pass through that ordinarily couldn’t.

The barrier function becomes compromised, so that bacteria, viruses, undigested food particles and toxic waste products can leak from the inside of your intestines through the damaged digestive lining into your bloodstream, where they’re transported throughout your body and can trigger your immune system to react. The end result is inflammation in various parts of your body, leading to a wide variety of symptoms like bloating, cramps, fatigue, food sensitivities, flushing, achy joints, headache and rashes.

With leaky gut not only is the digestive lining more porous and less selective about what can get in, but normal absorption can also be affected. Nutritional deficiencies may develop as a result of damage to the villi – the finger-like projections in the small intestine that are responsible for absorbing nutrients.

Multiple food sensitivities are another hallmark of leaky gut, because partially digested particles of protein and fat may leak through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream and cause an allergic response. Increased intestinal permeability may potentially cause or worsen a number of other conditions, including Celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD, which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and asthma.

What causes a leaky gut?Are There Any Solutions?

There’s no miracle cure for treating leaky gut, but there are things you can do if you’re suffering from it that can help heal inflammation and restore the integrity of your gut lining.

An anti-inflammatory diet that eliminates refined sugars, dairy, gluten, alcohol and artificial sweeteners – some of the biggest offenders when it comes to inflammation – can be very helpful. Consuming lots of anti-inflammatory essential fatty acids in fish and nuts, and filling up on green leafy vegetables, high-fiber and fermented foods that help to promote the growth of good bacteria is also crucial.

A robust probiotic that contains large amounts of good bacteria can help heal a damaged intestinal lining by restoring balance in the gut flora.

Do you have Leaky Gut?Get YOUR PROBIO5 HERE and you may find relief today from your symptoms:

Most people will notice improvement within 6 weeks, although it may take several months and even years to heal a damaged intestinal lining in extreme cases of leaky gut.

The FDA only approves prescription drugs. The FDA does not approve or disapprove dietary supplements. They do review the ingredients to ensure they are safe and unadulterated and take action such as pulling a product or contacting a manufacturer. You won’t ever find Plexus Slim FDA approved, because they don’t approve dietary supplements. The FDA has reviewed Plexus Slim ingredients and there are no problems with the safety.