I Made More With My Part Time Income Than My Full Time Job

See How Lynsey won a car through her PART TIME JOB!  Need one?  HER part time income was MORE than her full time. See how you can WIN a car too! Lynsey did!
“I am so THANKFUL for this past year and what it has brought not only my family but so many others!!!
 January 1st last year [2013] was a life changing day for me and my family, that was the day I bought my first 3 day trial pack. It was also a blessing from God in disguise. You see, on January 2nd I signed up to be a Plexus Ambassador hoping to get my product for free because I KNEW the product worked and could help a few of my friends. Little did I know though that the end of January would bring a shocking life change for not only me, but my family as well.

To give you a little background I worked as a clerk for our local License Bureau here in Sikeston for almost 6 years. In April of 2012, I left our local office to take a pay raise and office manager position at another local office. Things were going great there! I hated the commute everyday but it was worth it! My boss was so great! She made my hours 9-4:15 since I had a 25 minute drive everyday and had to take my kids to school and pick them up. Great right?! Well, end of January 2013 my daughter Zoe’ got really sick and had to be hospitalized. After 3 days of her being in the hospital and me having to call in everyday because each day we were hoping she would get released, my boss that was so great before gave me an ultimatum, it was either going to be my daughter or my job. Well, sorry folks, my family is more important than any job so my daughter it was!


What was my saving grace through all of this?! PLEXUS! Ironically enough, the week Zoe’ was first sick I Fast Started Gold and because of some customer service issues I had trying to verify my Fast Start, our CEO Tarl Robinson had PERSONALLY called me. While on the phone with Tarl he asked me what my goals were with Plexus and whether or not eventually becoming a stay at home mom was one of those, I laughed and told him I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom but my husband would never let me. God knew what was in store for me and prepared me in a way that day WITHOUT my knowing! That next week was Plexus Payday and on that check was my Fast Start bonus which took care of that income I had lost due to Zoe’s illness. I now am a stay at home mom! I NOW HAVE ACHIEVED GOALS I WOULD HAVE NOT EVER SET FOR MYSELF 2 YEARS AGO!

I could write a book, so let me sum up for you February – December in this last paragraph. In February I hit Gold and Sr. Gold rank advancements which totally took care of my Full-Time income I had been earning. April was another big rank advancement, Ruby! In May again, rank advancement to Senior Ruby! June was a big month, CONVENTION! Totally a life changing event there, everyone needs to attend! In August I earned a Plexus Lexus and a trip every year to Maui! Also in August I found out that our family of 4 was becoming a family of 5! October earned a trip to Amelia Island, Florida for Leader’s Retreat, and in December I received an awesome Christmas Present from the company, a Plexus Jacket!

Throughout these last 12 months I have had acquaintances that have become best friends that are more like family because of our bonds through Plexus. Plus, I now feel like I have a second family of nearly 5,000 team members.


This year has been such a blessing, and no, I didn’t get through this without shedding a few tears thinking about ‘why me?’ Picking up my Plexus Lexus this past weekend was a dream come true. This truly would not be possible without my awesome downline and amazing upline! Thank you Plexus for making my ordinary life turn into a life that I can take pride in getting to help others!”

Lynsey Perry

It is an exciting time to be a part of Plexus!

If you are ready to do the same, then please comment below and I will help you get started with Plexus Worldwide!  My life has also changed and I am looking forward to helping many women like Lynsey who want to dramatically change their lives.  We would love to have you on the Plexus Team!

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How My Income Changed In 9 Months

If you are checking into joining a MLM company where you can make some serious jack, then you should check out these testimonies and know that I too will be joining them with my own Lexus in the next few months.  I love helping people and helping people gives you a wonderful feeling!  You ready to join us?

2012 was a really tough year for us financially. It seemed that every choice we made to try to better our lives would just end up falling apart. We were struggling financially to stay ahead. We were literally living paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet. I was extremely busy, as I was working a full-time job (really working about 10-15 hours of overtime each week), I was taking 9 hours of college credit hours, and then coming home to care for my family. It was right after Christmas, and we have 4 children so money was extremely tight. There just wasn’t anything “extra” left over.

It was 6 months after we had our youngest child, and I was struggling with my weight as well. Instead of losing the baby weight, it seemed that more was coming on. Of course, at the first of the year, we all decided that it is time to lose weight. I decided that I was sick of being overweight and was going to lose it once and for all!

Renea Parker

I will never forget the night that I noticed something that my dear friend Debbie had posted. I remember it was something about this weight loss product called “Plexus” and she had already lost 3-4 lbs. I honestly thought her Facebook account had been hacked and someone was spamming from her account. So, I really didn’t pay much attention.

A few days later I noticed it again. Only this time she was sharing how she didn’t feel the urge to go to the gas station next door to get the 32 oz sodas she always drank two or three of each day. This time I knew it was for real!

Even though it was not like me to do so, I sent her a message and asked her to tell me more. When she told me I could try a 3-day decision pack for a small cost I told her I wasn’t interested. I just didn’t have any extra money at the time. I didn’t ever spend money on myself, just on my kids. I figured that the cost of a 3-day decision pack could buy a package of diapers, a can of formula, or even a pizza for dinner for my family.

Well, curiosity got the best of me and I changed my mind. I did go ahead and buy a 3-day decision pack and I loved it! I was looking for something to help me with weight loss, but I ended up noticing a lot of other benefits!

After a full day of work, fixing dinner for the family, giving kid’s baths, and doing homework into the late night hours, I used to struggle to stay awake at night. I noticed that after taking Plexus I would have all the energy I needed to do all those things and more.

The weight loss ended up just being an added bonus for me! Since I have started, I have lost about 35 lbs. I am still a work in progress! My husband has lost about 50 lbs. since he started and is continuing to lose as well. The thing that makes me the happiest about his Plexus testimony is that he was borderline diabetic, and since taking Plexus he has been regulating his blood sugars and can tell a big difference in the way he feels. Isn’t that awesome?

Now that I have shared our Plexus health testimonies, I would like to share how I got started in the business. Like I said before, when I tried that first 3-day decision pack, I loved it but I really could not afford the product. In order to make it more affordable, I decided to sign up as an ambassador to get the product at wholesale price. I thought I would try to sell just a little bit so I would be able to make enough money to pay for my own product. Little did I know what I was getting myself into! Keep in mind; I have never been involved with a Network Marketing company before! I honestly thought that people who “did this sort of thing” never really made any money.

Well, I am definitely making enough money to pay for my own products. I actually made enough on my very first monthly paycheck to pay for my car payment! The second commission check was enough to pay for my car payment and my mortgage payment! This was a huge blessing to us and it has only grown from there!

Just to give you an idea of how quickly my team has grown…

I joined as an Ambassador on February 2, 2013. I never dreamed that 9 short months later I would be achieving the rank of Emerald Ambassador! What an amazing ride this has been so far! Just to think that this is only the very beginning, too! Wow! What a blessing! 


My family’s life has changed so much in the past 9 months! We went from barely making ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck, to being able to provide a lifestyle for our kids that we could only dream about before. It is so nice knowing that we have a nest egg sitting in the bank for that rainy day when we might need it, because we never had that luxury before!


What blessing this has been! I want to thank my incredible team for all they do! I am so proud of them and cannot wait to see what the future holds for all of us!

Thank you Plexus,

Renea Parker

This ME!!! Before, during, and my post recent pic! About 35 lbs lost since I started! As exciting as that is, I wish pictures could show all the other wonderful benefits I have received from taking the Plexus products. I say this all the time… “If I never lost another pound, I would NEVER, EVER stop taking these products!” My life has been CHANGED!!!!The weight loss & inches I have lost has been wonderful, don’t get wrong! But the reason why I love these products goes much deeper than that! The pain that I used to have in my hands has been GONE since the first month I started! I “feel” better. I have more energy! I sleep better at night! My monthly cycles are regulated and the symptoms from them are pretty much non-existent! My moods are so much more level… which really means that my fuse is longer than it used to be!  (Just ask my husband!)

If you are ready to change your income and love helping people not only get healthy but also offer top of the line products, then message me below by commenting and I will get back with you within 24 hours.  I would love to help you get started!  If you are ready to start, go ahead and click this link http://www.wholebody.myplexusproducts.com 

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Foods To Eat For Slimming Down

foods that trim your waistlineLooking for a miracle diet food? There is no such thing but there are foods that will help you feel fuller, stay healthy and if you limit your portions on any food then you will lose weight.  If you put more calories in your body without working them off, you are sure to gain weight around the middle.

While these foods are not miracle foods, they can help you eat less over the course of the day. “When you’re looking for foods that are going to keep you fuller for longer, look for ones high in fiber, healthy fats and protein, or with a high water content,” says Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., professor of nutrition at Penn State University. “The additional benefit is that a lot of these foods are also really good for you and packed with important nutrients, vitamins and minerals.”

An apple a day may keep the fat pants away, too. This portable fruit is the perfect snack, with a high water content and both kinds of weight-busting fiber: soluble, which helps prevent blood sugar spikes that lead to cravings, and insoluble, which helps fill you up. “A medium apple is about 85 percent water with 5 grams of soluble fiber, making it a snacking powerhouse,” says Elisa Zied, M.S., same calorie level. To sweeten the pot, apples also contain quercetin, a flavonoid shown to help fight certain cancers, reduce cholesterol damage and promote healthy lungs.

TIP: Organic apples are worth the extra cost because commercial apples retain more pesticide residue than fruits you peel, such as oranges or bananas. And with half the fiber and most of the iron, magnesium and vitamin C, you definitely want to eat that peel to get the full slimming benefits.

They’re a great source of protein which may be key to keeping you full. A recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that when people ate two eggs for breakfast, they took in more than 400 fewer calories over the next 24 hours than when they ate bagels. “The study proved our hypothesis that eating eggs induces higher satiety and keeps the subject fuller for longer,” says lead researcher Nikhil V. Dhurandhar, Ph.D., from Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

TIP: For a healthier egg, opt for cage free and/or buy from local farmers.

One study found that eating a breakfast of two eggs can leave you feeling full longer than a bagel.

“When you are trying to lose weight, non-starchy vegetables such as cauliflower are one of the few foods that can be eaten in unlimited quantities,” says Dr. Rolls. It’s good for you, too. Cauliflower contains the cancer-fighting phytonutrient sulforaphane, as well as a good amount of folate and vitamin C, which may be helpful for weight loss. In fact, a review from Purdue University pointed to vitamin C status as a key factor in how much fat is burned during physical activity. All that and it’s pretty tasty, too. (If you’re not a cauliflower fan, try spinach or broccoli.)

TIP: Love the creamy consistency of mashed potatoes? Steam a head of cauliflower and mash it with garlic salt, a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese and a touch of butter.

Low fat Yogurt
If the yogurt ads are to be believed, you should be fitting into that itty-bitty bikini before you know it. While yogurt and other dairy products are not weight-loss magic bullets, there is some truth in advertising. A recent study at the University of Tennessee found that dieters eating three servings of yogurt daily lost twice as much weight as their non–dairy– eating counterparts on a 12-week weight-loss program. Why? “Calcium combined with other bioactive compounds found in dairy products slows down the process of making fat and increases fat burning, especially around the belly,” says lead researcher Michael B. Zemel, M.D., a professor of nutrition and medicine at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

TIP: Sneak more dairy into your diet by adding plain yogurt to dips, sauces and salad dressings. You get the health benefits without the added sugar of flavored yogurt.

I am not talking about the box flavored kind either.  Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley analyzed a national six-year survey and found that people who ate breakfast had a lower body mass index (BMI) than people who skipped breakfast, and that those who ate cooked cereal had a lower BMI than any other breakfast-eating group. Also, oatmeal was ranked as the most feeling full breakfast food on the Satiety Index, developed by Australian researchers a decade ago. Oatmeal helps you stay fuller longer, since it’s packed with fiber and is a good source of protein.

TIP: Make old- fashioned oats, add nuts, dried fruit or a banana for sweetness, hand full of frozen blueberries or strawberries then put in fridge.  Dip out only what you need every morning.   I make it ahead of time to save time in the morning when I am feeling rushed.

Almonds and walnuts are great to snack on, opt for only a handful.  Make sure they are raw and not processed by roasting or other added ingredients.

TIP: Calories do count, so divide your nuts up into snack packages, add some raisins or dried cranberries too!

We all know soup is good food, but who knew it was slimming, too? A recent study published in the journal Obesity Research found that adding two 10-ounce servings of broth-based soup to a weight loss diet each day can almost double the amount of weight lost in a six-month period. Why? Adding water into food makes it more filling than drinking water separately. “The water in soup adds volume to a meal and helps you feel fuller, without extra calories,’ says Dr. Rolls, lead researcher on the study. “As a result, you take in fewer calories over the course of the day.”

TIP: Add your own veggies or fiber-rich beans to broth-based canned soup to keep you full longer.  Just be sure to watch your sodium intake.

You might be surprised to learn that fish tops oatmeal and vegetables in the satiety department. The Australian Satiety Index ranks steamed white fish such as halibut or cod as the number-one most filling food out of 38 common foods. Also, a new study from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden found that people ate 11 percent less at dinner after having fish for lunch versus those who ate a beef lunch. “This study demonstrated that a protein-rich lunch meal with fish protein reduced calorie intake compared with the same-calorie lunch meal of beef protein,” says lead researcher Saeedah Borzoei, Ph.D. Why is it so filling? “We are still learning about the filling properties of fish, but we do know that fish has a strong flavor, which can lead to greater satiety and less of a need to eat,” notes Dr. Katz.

TIP: To add some flavor to grilled fish, try a quick marinade of soy sauce, lime and ginger.

High-fiber grains are a great way to round out a meal, and fine-cut bulgur is easy to cook. Bulgur, which is a quick-cooking form of whole wheat, takes about 10 minutes or less to prepare once water is boiled and is a great substitute for white rice and pasta, which are low in fiber and heavily processed. Fiber helps prolong the insulin response so you don’t have the blood sugar spikes you have with low-fiber carbohydrates like white pasta or rice,” says Dr. Katz. With all the good fiber comes some other benefits: iron and vitamins E and B6.

TIP: Find bulgur in health-food stores and organic markets. For a quick side dish, combine fine bulgur with chicken broth, diced canned tomatoes and some cooked onions.

When most people think of dieting, they think of salad. But if that means some sad greens topped with unripe tomatoes, it’s no wonder diets don’t work. “Salads are a great opportunity to add a lot of filling foods into your diet at one time: fresh vegetables, lean protein, beans and healthy fats,” says Dr. Rolls. And research backs it up. A study from Penn State University found that women who ate a salad before a pasta lunch ate fewer calories for the whole meal than those just digging into the pasta.

TIP: Start your salad with mesclun, arugula or spinach. Not only are these greens tastier than iceberg, they also contain more iron, calcium, vitamin C and folate.  An important tip is watch the sugar intake from most salad dressings, opt to make your own for a healthier benefit without all the other unhealthy ingredients.

No one can lose weight without diet and exercise smarts, hard work, and sacrifice. Make the effort to learn about the healthiest and most efficient ways to lose weight, and then enjoy your own success. Weight loss and slimming down  isn’t starving yourself but choosing the right foods and limit your portions.

With all this said I recommend you checking out  the Plexus Slim / Accelerator combo for you to start today if you are wanting to slim down.

Foods that will help you slim down!This is exactly what I did for 3 months and lost 24 pounds.  Plexus combo is not a weight loss pill, drink or supplement but was made to regulate your sugar, therefore without all the spikes you eat less.  I like to call it a health drink that helps you in  many more ways than just eating less or have the benefit of weight loss.  It is a catalyst in a new lifestyle change of eating healthy and slimming down.   Plexus products are the way to a new you!  Be sure to check out my other articles to the left on weight loss.

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Why Men Lose Faster Than Women

do men lose faster than women?  Find out why here and what you can do about it.Why do men seem to lose faster than women?  Ladies, if you’ve ever tried to lose weight  alongside your husband or any male acquaintance, you’ve probably experienced a little frustration when you compared your weight-loss rates.  Everyone is different! More often than not, men lose weight faster because they have more muscle mass, which is the factory that burns fat.

When my clients start taking Slim Combo, they often ask me how much will I lose this month.  I don’t really understand why people think they are going to have a miracle cure over night.  Sure the pictures of testimonies are flying all over the internet how people lost 70 pounds, but this isn’t just going to happen in one month’s time.  It took us years to put on the weight and it is going to take a process to get it off.  I remember feeling like I should lose quicker too during my journey, but then was happy at the 3rd month to see the results.  I ask all my customers to give Slim Combo at least 3 months. Get your PREFERRED PURCHASE with a discount here at this link: http://www.spencerphillips.myplexusproducts.com

But don’t think men have it that easy — losing weight is hard work, no matter who’s doing it.

Why Men Lose Weight Faster

“It is true — men do lose weight quicker,” says Anne Wolf, RD, a registered dietitian and researcher at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. And the reasons can be attributed to differences in the physical makeup of men and women and in the very different ways that men and women think.

“There are two physical reasons: Women have different hormones, and I think that impacts our weight-loss rate,” says Wolf. “Secondly, men have more lean body mass. That means their caloric needs are greater.” They can continue to eat a significant number of calories and still lose weight.

There are some weight loss tricks that work equally well for both . Men can eat more protein and women need to stop the carb/sugar addiction.

Both women and men who have been skipping breakfast usually get quick results when they add a healthy breakfast into their plan and divide their eating plans equally so that one-third of their calories is eaten before lunch.

Men and women also tackle problems differently. Men tend to be linear thinkers and more businesslike in their approach to weight loss, while women are multi-taskers who become more emotionally involved in weight loss. “Men stick to their goals. It’s like a to-do list. In practice, I see women taken over by their emotions,” says Wolf. “Women will get sidetracked, so they don’t stick with their goals.”

It’s kind of funny when women come to me and haven’t lost any weight and want to blame me or say the Slim isn’t working, so I help each client with their journey.  I ask questions and lots of them.  Everyone loses on Slim if they give it a chance to work.  Slim is not a diet pill, in fact it was made for diabetics to regulate their sugar.  As your body adjusts and levels out your sugar, you won’t eat as much.  So there is also a little discipline in the mix.  Other contributors could be how much water you drink, do you have a bowel movement, what foods are you eating and cravings for sugar intake.  Most of the time it boils down to what your body is doing at the time.  We celebrate even 2 pound loss a month.  My weight was 8 pounds a month which is the healthy way as you make lifestyle changes.

Why Women Will Still Lose Weight

The way you mentally approach weight loss really does make a difference. Plain and simple,  decide to increase activity and decrease food intake but also have a mindset to begin win of success.

  • Stay positive; it’s not a hopeless cause. “Women do lose weight and they do keep it off. Don’t use the slower pace as an excuse to not try,” stresses Wolf.
  • Know that weight-loss strategies do work. Some women tend to throw up their hands, believing that nothing works, but that’s not true.
  • Start believing that you can do it.  “Keep focused — it’s about consistency.” Even if you get bored or frustrated because you don’t think your plan is working, stick with it. Set goals for yourself and stay focused on those goals.
  • Understand your challenges and limitations.  Set yourself up for success by preparing for those roadblocks and figuring out in advance how you will overcome them.

Why Men Still Have to Work Hard to Lose Weight

Men do struggle with weight loss. Even if their bodies require more calories, they still have to work hard at it.

“I did lose weight quickly — at first,” admits John from Fairfax, Va. He lost a total of 70 pounds in a year, but while he lost 30 pounds in the first three months, it took him twice as long to lose the next 30, and three more months for the last 10.

This is how to do it correctly — by restricting his calories and building calorie-burning muscle through regular strength training, a weight-loss booster for both sexes.

No one can lose weight without diet and exercise smarts, hard work, and sacrifice. Make the effort to learn about the healthiest and most efficient ways to lose weight, and then enjoy your own success. Weight loss isn’t about winning a race; it’s about crossing the finish line at your own pace.

With all this said I can’t recommend enough the Plexus Slim / Accelerator combo for you to start today.  The synergy combination is sweeping the nation with fantastic results!  It’s not a weight loss pill but a health drink that helps you in  many more ways than just eating less or weight loss.  Does it take time, sometimes because it is the healthy way to lose weight as you start your journey.  It’s not for the quick fix minded, it’s for those who want to stay committed to breaking out the discipline pants in a new lifestyle change of eating healthy Plexus products are the way to a new you!

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Almond Butter/Banana Ice Cream

Here is another great health vegan recipe!  Lose weight the healthy way!

Yummy Healthy Almond Banana Ice Cream!

Raw Banana + Almond Butter Ice Cream
– Frozen bananas
– Raw almonds
In a food processor, blend almonds into creamy, smooth texture (this is how you make any DIY nut butter). Next, remove your nut butter (but leave some in the machine) and then add in your frozen banana. Pulse! Blend the banana until creamy and smooth. Last, add in a little extra nut butter (if it needs it) as well as any other fun ingredients (eg strawberries or dark chocolate) – and blend. Very simple basic recipe that can be modified per your personal dietary preferences.
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How Salon Owners and Hair Stylists Make More Income

Melissa and Robin hanging out!  She does my hair!My friend Robin Gaddis is an incredible hair stylist and her clients follow her wherever she goes.   When I first went to her, she asked me to give her a year to get what I really wanted.  I think too often we go from one place to another never settling because we as women are always wanting new, fresh, but also healthy bouncy hair!  I am more than pleased and look forward to my 4 weeks color and cut.   Robin is known also for the famous Helix cut in which she put herself through school to learn it.  Her father is also the famous “Pappy” Jamie Henry who is well-known throughout the area.

Not only does Robin provide great service in this area, she also has found a great way to offer more exclusive products to her customers and gain more income.  If you are wondering as a hair stylist how to make more money you are not alone and she can help you.

It is a proven fact that the income and standard of living of hairdresser’s may not be keeping pace with other professions. Most stylists have no pensions, medical insurance, paid vacations and other perks compared to other professions. Far too many  work pay check to pay check and just get by and live out of the cash box.

What about achieving financial independence and financial planning?  Although in the back of everyone’s mind, rarely do you plan or think about a time where you don’t worry about money or talk to your customers about it.  Robin has a plan and she is becoming successful with it!

Most conversations are about products and irrelevant topics that will not help you when it comes to earning a good living especially in today’s difficult economic economy. Some stylists have an artistic mind-set but little regard to the business and money-making aspect of their development.  Standing on your feet all day can be tiring but setting up a plan where you don’t have to but still have a residual income is where the reward is.  Robin is on her way to reaching goals she has always dreamed of.  It is working smarter not harder, yet still able to express herself with her creativity and have the extra time to spend where its most important: family.

These tips about making money will draw your attention on planning for your financial security. It is not only how much you earn but it is what you do with your money that will determine your financial security.  Robin is great about helping people reach their goals with their beauty and with their investment in health.  She also works with other salon owners and hair stylists to reach their full potential in success in offering her exclusive products so you should reach out to her on Facebook or her blog.  www.robingaddis.com and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hair-by-Robin-Gaddis/171266009594711 

Robin and her husband Billy Joe live in Owensboro Ky.  Robin makes a living by having more than one stream of income.  See what she does here!Here are a few other tips :

Create a Demand – work hard to build an upscale clientele and ask for references. Be the best. Maximize your full learning and earning potential. The road to self-improvement is exciting, and can be financially rewarding once you gain experience and create a demand for your services.

Invest in Yourself — develop additional skills that will set you apart from the competition by excelling at customer service. Develop your people and communication skills by taking classes in developing your public speaking skills.

Keep Learning— the door to education is never closed. The more you learn, the more you earn. As you learn more, opportunities will appear that you never dreamed possible. Always seek out self-improvement and continually challenge yourself every day by setting high standards for yourself

Save Your Money — get in the habit of saving your money where it will draw interest. You work hard for your money; make sure your money works hard for you. Learn about money management.  You can start out with saving a little from your tips as a starter. Learn to  save,save,save and carefully monitor your spending.

Money Management and Financial Planning — take classes or read  books on money management and financial planning. Dave Ramsey is an excellent course.

Stay out of Debt — especially credit card debt. Be careful how  you spend your money. Get rid of all your credit cards and just keep one or two.

Cultivate Your Mind — learn to work smarter, not harder. Read books about entrepreneurship and self-improvement, knowledge is power.

Be creative with your hair but also earn extra income to get out of the rat race of the mundane hair stylist.  Find out how Robin does it! Toot Your Horn — develop a marketing mind-set. Learn how to promote and market your skills to the consumer.

Offer Exclusive Products – Robin not only offers the Helix products to her customers but also while they are sitting in her chair offers them other health and pain-free products/weight loss products or the opportunity to make extra income.  Now who wouldn’t like that?  We all need someone to care enough to not only listen to our lives but also help us make extra income while getting healthy.

Market Yourself: Take advantage of all the  marketing possibilities  social media offers and its FREE!

Film your own commercial on you tube showcasing your talent or introducing yourself to the local community. Make sure you have a link to your face book business fan page.  See her Helix commercial here.

Excellence Begins at the Top. — Always lead by example. Work hard to earn the loyalty , respect and trust from your staff

Set Targets and Goals — keep challenging your team to higher levels of excellence by setting  specific client retention and productivity targets or goals on a weekly or monthly  basis. Periodic one on one evaluations would be a good start.

Reward Your Peak Performers — Provide incentives ,rewards, and bonuses based on performance and productivity. Create a climate that rewards peak performers who excel at customer service. 

Work Hard to Keep Your Staff Busy — with a measured flow of customers, making sure you monitor their customer and referral return rate. Learn to work smarter, not harder — organize and structure your business, show your staff that your organized. 

Don't limit yourself on the styles you produce as a hair stylist!  Be unique! Improve Staff Performance and Productivity — Invest in your salon’ greatest profit potential —invest in educating your staff and yourself. A team that learns together stays together.

Invest in Your Salon’s Greatest Profit Potential — Invest in continuing education for your staff (and yourself!)

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Instill a Team Culture — a house divided will never grow.Make sure everyone on your team shares your vision, goals, and educational concepts

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What Was Wrong With Me?

“I think maybe this story is just the beginning and the real story is yet to come but I just had to share. I signed up in December 2012, my cousin Stephanie Huffman asked me to so I did as kind of a favor to her. I really didn’t think much about it, it was around the holidays and as a Pastors’ family we were extremely busy. In January I called my cousin and told her I must be the 1% that Plexus doesn’t work for. I would later find out that the problem was actually me. I stopped my AutoQualification and actually threw away the leftover Slim I had – the fact that I had left over Slim should tell you something. (Shocking!!)

I started taking plexus again on October 24, 2013. I wanted to lose a few pounds, 10 weeks later my results have far exceeded my expectations! Not only have I lost a lot of weight and inches, I am no longer sick, I’m no longer on my thyroid meds, no longer on my hormones and no longer on my GERD/Acid Reflux meds!


I have spent the last year in and out of doctors offices and hospitals and had just about every test you could think of trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I had been suffering for a couple years with severe stomach and abdominal pain and discomfort, fatigue, and also debilitating headaches and zero sex drive. NO ONE could find anything wrong! After deciding to take plexus to hopefully aid in my weight loss I learned about candida overgrowth and the havoc it can cause to your entire body so I decided to do the candida spit test and boy was it ever present!

I immediately started taking the recommended Plexus products to get rid of it. The first few weeks I’ll admit were really rough, I learned I was going through what’s called die off symptoms, that included nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, severe headaches and body aches. I was determined to stick it out and see if this candida over growth had been the root of my problem all along and low and behold when the die off symptoms subsided I started feeling really good!

I was still a little skeptical that it could actually be what had been wrong with me all this time! But the longer I stuck with it the better I felt, I had more energy and felt like my old self again even my sex drive was better! I am now convinced that this was indeed my problem and now it is gone!

I feel amazing have more energy and my mood even seems to be elevated. These Plexus products have given me my life back and I will never stop taking them!

Three days into taking the Slim I decided to become an Ambassador so I could get the products cheaper and within 10 days I was a Silver Ambassador and within thirty days I was Fast Start Gold and started making some really good money with my advancements. Plexus has been a Blessing to me and my family and I’ll be forever grateful and will share my testimony and plexus products wherever I go!

Thank You Plexus!”
-Sabra McCraw

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Need More Energy?

Jillian Michaels suggestion for energy boostIn the late afternoon while keeping my granddaughter, as she takes her nap, I am trying also to stay awake.  It’s like her sleepiness and cuddling is a sedative.  (Much like the remote control to my husband is – he falls asleep with a quick nap while watching TV) lol….
So the question today comes from a recent article I read and thought I would share.  Although I provide health solutions to my readers and customers, I also fight the battle of needing more energy in my busy lifestyle.
By Jillian Michaels, Everyday Health Life and Fitness Coach

Q: What foods help combat lethargy? I work 43-plus hours per week and study, too. I try to fit one hour of exercise in twice per week and your DVD workout for 45 minutes twice a week, but sometimes my body is so exhausted it’s hard to keep pushing through to try to get the weight off. Any advice? — Gail Smith (via email)

A: Gail, I know the feeling. However, while diet does play a critical role in your energy level, there are several other factors you should take into account as well.

  1. The first of which is the most obvious — sleep. SLEEP MORE. You must try to prioritize it. Go to bed earlier. Don’t watch TV. Don’t answer emails in bed. Go to sleep! The more you sleep, the healthier you will be — and the better you will feel.
  2. The second is hydration. We can literally wilt like a flower when we don’t get enough water throughout the day. Over the years there has been a lot of differing information out there on how much you should drink, which can be really confusing. Especially since there are many different factors that play a role in your hydration level from the climate you live in to your age to the amount you exercise and so on. So, in a nutshell, you need to drink enough so that your pee looks like lemonade. If it’s dark, like apple juice, keep drinking.
  3. The third is diet. Don’t eat junk. When you eat processed foods laden with sugar, white flour, trans fats, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, and so on, it crashes your blood sugar, destroys your health, and leaves you feeling depleted and exhausted. Keep your food as nutritious and whole as possible.
  4. Caffeine when exploited correctly can be an excellent energy boost. Plus, caffeine improves cognitive function. When you overdose on it, it has the opposite effect by taxing your adrenal glands, stressing you out, leaving you tired and run down. The key with caffeine is to not consume more than 400 mg in a day. That’s the equivalent to two strong cups of coffee.

needing energy for afternoonNow, to answer your original question, there are key nutrients that have been linked to energy, but there are also a few guidelines you should follow.

  • Don’t skip meals and eat every 3 to 4 hours to stabilize your blood sugar and subsequently your energy.
  • Choose 100 percent whole grains and foods that are high in fiber because they also stabilize your blood sugar. Quinoa is a great option.
  • Look for foods high in your vitamin B complexes. All B vitamins help the body convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose), which is used to produce energy. Some great examples would be beef, fish, and eggs. Plus, you should consume foods with iron to fend off anemia. Beef is also good for this, but if you are a vegetarian, eat dark leafy greens and add some citrus to them as vitamin C helps our iron absorption. So steam some spinach with lemon juice.
  • Last, nuts and seeds are also good because they are rich in healthy fats, proteins, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous, which keep you energized and stabilize your electrolyte levels.

So in summation, I want you to take a broader view of how to approach your energy issue, take all the above factors into account, and, for goodness sake, buddy — take a holiday and give yourself a break!


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Living To Be 100

how to live to be 100One of the biggest factors that determines how well you age is not your genes but how well you live.  A study published in 2009 in the British Medical Journal of 20,000 British folks shows that you can cut your risk of having a stroke in half by doing the following four things: being active for 30 minutes a day, eating five daily servings of fruit and vegetables, and avoiding cigarettes and excess alcohol.

While those are some of the obvious steps you can take to age well, researchers have discovered that centenarians tend to share certain traits in how they eat, move about, and deal with stress — the sorts of things we can emulate to improve our own aging process.  The strongest personality predictor of a long life is conscientiousness—that is, being prudent, persistent, and well-organized.

Of course, getting to age 100 is enormously more likely if your parents did.  So practice these Ten steps to be 100!

  1. Floss Everyday
  2. Exercise
  3. Eat Fiber for Breakfast
  4. 6 hours of sleep
  5. Whole Foods
  6. Relieve Stress
  7. vegetarian diet
  8. Routine Lifestyle
  9. Social Lifestyle
  10. Be conscientious

My mom is still living, my grandmother lived to be 81 and my great-grandmother 92.  So if I practice these, I am sure that I am well on my way to being over 100!

What do you think?

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HOW LONG DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?  Just leave me a comment below….(I asked the question on Facebook too, so we will see what the replies might be.)  So as I get the results, I will add them!  Thanks for participating!