I Thought I Had Fatty Liver Disease


A Testimony from Debbie:

I had some lab test come back showing I may have had Fatty Liver Disease, did have high cholesterol, high triglycerides and my liver panel was scary. My doctors wanted me to get on meds for these conditions, but I truly didn’t want to start them and be on them for the rest of my life. I told them NO, and said I’d try diet, exercise or SOMETHING else first.

I dieted for a few months, but in July, I started the Plexus Slim Trial. I lost 5 lbs, but had some issues with hives on my face from a cosmetic product. Needless to say, the cortisone shots and pills for the hives gave me swelling and a voracious appetite! I stayed on Plexus Slim throughout the ordeal, and am so glad I did!

Despite the setbacks, when I had my labs re-done in September, I was amazed! ALL of my blood work was so much better! The EASY part is, all you do is drink a pack of Plexus Slim mixed in a glass of water 1 time a day. It’s delicious and is “Berry/Pomegranate” flavored.

These were my results after just 8 weeks on the new product:


What to eat to help have a healthy liver!

Lost 5 pounds

Glucose was 92, now 90, normal is 70 – 110

Total Cholesterol was 298, now 232, normal is 120 – 199; still high, but much better!

Triglycerides were 171, now 80; normal is 50 – 150 I am thrilled!

HDL (Good) Cholesterol was 43, now 46; normal is 40 – 75

LDL (Bad) Cholesterol was 221, now 170; normal is 63 – 129 Still high, but MUCH better!

Liver Panel: AST (SGOT) was 101, now 34; normal is 0 – 40 AWESOME!

ALT (SGPT) was 226, now 48, normal is 0 – 40 Getting really close to normal!


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Rheumatoid Arthritis Is Gone!

Here it is! My PLEXUS Testimony! The picture chronicles my weight loss and life gain from left to right. I still have a ways to go but am excited about the results so far. 382

After the death of my mother in law and then my oldest son, food became an emotional resolution for me. As you can see from the pictures that has changed! I now control my food instead of it controlling me. I have lost 70 pounds. I am down 6 pants sizes!

The most incredible change for me has been with the health results. I have rheumatoid arthritis with severe joint swelling, painful nodules, fluid retention and chronic fatigue. I was taking 13 medications for my RA and one for hypothyroidism. NOW… I no longer take ANY medications for rheumatoid arthritis! Not even an ibuprofen and I was on methetrexate (chemo type drug) and several other medications to counter those side effects. No joint swelling, no pain, no fluid retention! I am able to go to the gym and not pay for it  physically! I look forward to running! 

I am getting healthy and feeling great, and I have an abundance of energy! Thank you Plexus for helping me gain control of my life both physically and financially!”

-Lisa Callahan

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Snacks That Cut Calories = Flat Tummy

flat tummy snacks and foods found here52 Best Snacks for a Flat Tummy

When your mind is set on weight loss, you’re probably desiring quick results. You’ve heard over and over again that you need to cut calories and eat nutrient-dense foods that act as fuel for your body, but how can you do that without going hungry? By eating smarter and making conscious choices about what enters that mouth of yours, you’ll be able to cut calories where they won’t be severely missed. The following healthy alternatives rounded up by Prevention have less saturated fats and refined grains to keep you fuller, longer, meaning you’ll be snacking smarter, not necessarily less.


Instead of: 16 oz latte | Choose: 12 oz latte made with fat-free milk | Calories saved: 120

Instead of: 16 oz soda | Choose: Water with a squeeze of lemon  | Calories saved: 180

Instead of: 16 oz Iced Mocha Frappuccino | Choose: 16 oz iced coffee with fat-free milkCalories saved: 270

Instead of: Iced tea with 2 tsp sugar and lemon | Choose: Iced tea with a squeeze of orange and lemon | Calories saved: 30

Instead of: 1 cup juice | Choose: ½ cup juice mixed with ½ cup sparkling water | Calories saved: 60

Instead of: 4 oz white or red wine | Choose: 2 oz white or red wine with 2 oz sparkling water | Calories saved: 50

Instead of: 16 oz beer | Choose: 12 oz light beer | Calories saved: 100

Instead of: ¼ cup grated cheddar cheese | Choose: 1 Tbsp Parmesan cheese | Calories saved: 90

Instead of: ½ cup grated whole mozzarella | Choose: ½ cup reduced-fat mozzarellaCalories saved: 85

Instead of: ½ cup cottage cheese | Choose: ½ cup 1% fat cottage cheese | Calories saved: 35

Instead of: 8 oz 2% milk | Choose: 8 oz fat-free milk | Calories saved: 50

Instead of: 12 oz coffee with 2 Tbsp cream | Choose: 12 oz coffee with ¼ cup fat-free milkCalories saved: 20

Instead of: 2 large eggs | Choose: 3 large egg whites | Calories saved: 95

Instead of: ½ cup whole milk ricotta cheese | Choose: ½ cup part-skim ricotta cheeseCalories saved: 45

Instead of: Chocolate chip cookie, 4″ diameter | Choose: 4 1″ squares of dark chocolateCalories saved: 180

Instead of: ½ cup trail mix with chocolate chips | Choose: Do-it-yourself trail mix (½ cup Spoon Size Shredded Wheat, 2 Tbsp sliced almonds, 1 Tbsp raisins) | Calories saved: 160

Instead of: 1 cup potato chips (about 15) | Choose: 2 cups air-popped popcorn | Calories saved: 95

Instead of: Tortilla Chips, 1 oz bag | Choose: Baked tortilla chips, 1 oz bag | Calories saved: 50

Instead of: Snickers candy bar | Choose: Luna Bar (flavor, your choice) | Calories saved:85

Instead of: 1 oz bag pretzels (about 10)| Choose: ½ oz bag whole grain pretzels | Calories saved: 55

Instead of: ½ cup Peanut M&M’s | Choose: ½ cup unshelled pistachio nuts | Calories saved: 90Get bikini ready with these flat tummy foods

Instead of: 1 cup fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt | Choose: ½ cup diced strawberries with ½ cup fat-free vanilla yogurt | Calories saved: 105

Instead of: Blueberry muffin | Choose: Whole grain English muffin spread with 1 Tbsp blueberry fruit spread | Calories saved: 270

Instead of: 1″-thick slice banana bread | Choose: 1 slice whole grain toast topped with ½ banana mashed and mixed with 1 tsp peanut butter | Calories saved: 260

Instead of: Plain bagel | Choose: ½ whole wheat bagel | Calories saved: 125

Resource: http://www.skinnymom.com/2014/03/28/52-best-snacks-for-a-flat-tummy/

The fastest way to a flat tummy is….

….changing up what you eat!

That’s right ~ doesn’t matter HOW awesome your exercise program is. If you continue to fill your body with junky, processed, empty calorie and high sugar foods you will not achieve the flat tummy!

So to help get you started and on your way to REAL flat tummy results, here is a list of my Favorite Flat Tummy Foods that will help you boost your metabolism, beat the bloat and burn the belly fat!

Combine your nutrition efforts with an effective exercise plan and you will see and feel results in as little as 2-4 days!

Are you ready for the Swimsuit Season?

1. Rolled Oats

They fill you up with fat fighting fiber to not only keep you satisfied and give you the energy to start your day but this flat tummy food also helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels – which keeps your body off the fat storage roller coaster and helps to fight cravings!

2. Apples

Apples are so easy to grab and go, we always have them on hand, they are high in water content and fiber, plus research has shown the pectin in apples aids in your fat loss efforts for it causes the stomach to empty more slowly and you feel satisfied longer.

3. Blueberries

I always have a giant bag of these powerful berries on hand! Not only super high in antioxidants to keep you youthful, healthy and energetic, they are also a sweet source of fiber and they contain tannins, which act as astringents in the digestive system to reduce inflammation – promoting a healthier digestive tract.

4. Almonds

“Portable protein” – the perfect emergency snack or pair it up with a fruit or veggie. High in metabolism-boosting Protein and Healthy Fats. Watch your portions though – measure out 1/4 cup servings and stick in a snack size baggie.

5. Eggs

Yes, they ARE good for you. They are considered the gold standard of protein quality because of their superior amino acid content, providing your body with the building blocks for lean muscle – the heart and soul of your metabolism – they keep you satisfied and energized. Plus they are affordable and super easy to make – it takes less than 3 minutes to prepare an egg.

6. Spinach

This super veggie goes with everything. At only 5 calories per cup how could it not?! Use in omelets, wraps, salads, side dishes…the list goes on. Great source of beta carotene, vitamin C, calcium, folate and magnesium to keep your body healthy and your metabolism humming!

7. Yogurt

A great source of protein and the live cultures help boost immunity and aid in digestion. My favorite – Greek Yogurt. NOTE: Avoid choosing brands that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup and artificial sweeteners. Read the ingredients!!! (ex – yoplait – not so good).

8. Grilled Chicken

The simplest, most versatile lean protein you can use to create satisfying, energizing meals and snacks. My favorite grilled chicken recipe – marinate tenderloin in lime juice, chili powder and fresh chopped cilantro for a couple hours. Bake or grill for tasty and delicious meal and snack chicken strips!

9. Frozen Wild Salmon Fillets

Another simple and delicious protein source! I buy mine frozen to last longer and for easy prep. Loaded with omega-3′ – essential fatty acids that promote fat loss by helping to regulate insulin and even decrease insulin resistance. They improve blood sugar control, which helps reduce food cravings and overeating. Plus omega-3s help your body to burn off calories before they get stored as fat.

10. Pink Grapefruit

These super fruits are loaded with potassium, vitamin C and beta carotene, pectin from the membranes has soluble fiber plus the high water content helps you feel satisfied. The added zing from this tart fruit lends to a refreshed and energized feeling during your meal as well.

11. Salsa

Yes, tomatoes have wonderful health benefits, but in salsa form they also work well to add low cal, energizing flavor to your meals. Choose a spicy variety and get the added metabolism-boosting kick from Capsaicin — the chemical in peppers that gives them their bite.

12. Green Tea

It has a lower level of caffeine (to help me get off the energy roller coaster) and loaded with EGCG. (studies show this ingredient causes your brain and nervous system to run more quickly — helping you burn more calories.) BONUS: It enhances your mood as well. Be sure to brew your own for these benefits are NOT found in store-bought green teas.

Now you have 1 fat fighting, metabolism boosting, flat tummy foods to incorporate into your weekly meal plans.

If your nutrition plan requires a TON of work – no worries for you can get STILL get results from making one simple change each day. Try this…just replace 1 food a day and see what a difference it makes to how you feel and how your belly looks!

Want to see and feel FAST results in 2-4 days? Then make an effort to incorporate all 12 flat tummy foods as often as you can during the week.

Here’s to your Flat Tummy Success!

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What are you waiting for, start today for a healthier tomorrow!

Poison Pizza!

Want to know what is in our pizza?  Why does America keep eating these foods?  Addicting ingredients…..Did I say that correctly or did you hear me?  Yes I am talking about Pizza!  Are they addicting?  Yes and you want to know why?  The ingredients in most pizza chains have ingredients in them that cause it!  Should we be concerned?  Should we do something about it?  Most people continue to put it off because they don’t read the labels, lack of education or just don’t care until the illness strikes home.  That’s the scary part. AND the most scary part about it all is that it is SERVED WEEKLY in our school lunch rooms!  Parents should be outraged!  Can one person make a difference?  Not really, or they will just be labeled as a trouble maker, but if more people would stand up and complain or if parents/families would decide to make a lifestyle change even in their own homes, we could change what America eats, and be much healthier.

Recently, the USDA conducted a study which revealed the enormous amount of pizza we consume in the United States. American consumption of cheese increased by nearly 30% in 10 years because the dairy industry is spending big bucks to promote pizza and partner with big chains like Dominos. Congress even voted to declare pizza a vegetable in the school lunch program. The government wants us to eat pizza – a lot of it. But there’s a lot going on behind closed doors that nobody wants us to know or talk about, and it all starts with the ingredients.

Restaurants don’t want to get a bad rap by putting monosodium glutamate (MSG) on their ingredient or allergen statements, so they have found another way to secretly add this potent flavor enhancer to your food, without the average customer realizing it. Instead of letting you know that they are putting MSG in your food, they are using an FDA loophole to sneak processed free glutamic acid into your food, which has the same effect as MSG – all without warning you. They simply use other forms of free glutamic acid (such as Hydrolyzed Soy Protein), which is the main component of MSG. This allows them to have “clean labels” and deceive us into believing their product contains no MSG – when it actually does!

MSG tricks your brain into believing that what you are eating tastes so great that you want more of it. Your taste buds sense that there is more protein in the food than there really is – which is great for food manufacturers that want to save money by using less or lower quality meat. These ingredients also promote an addiction to pizza so that you keep coming back to order more. Repeat business keeps their pockets lined with lots of cash. Ever wonder why you can’t stop at one slice? This is why.

MSG and hidden MSG additives are known to commonly cause headaches, obesity and depression – and this is just the tip of the iceberg. As an excitotoxin, its effect on the brain is so toxic that it has been linked to learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Board certified neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. warns that, “Excitotoxins have been found to dramatically promote cancer growth… It also causes a cancer cell to become more mobile, and that enhances metastasis, or spread… When you increase the glutamate level, cancer just grows like wildfire”.

This is serious stuff. But the industry will tell you it’s harmless and that you are crazy for being concerned.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is okay to eat this stuff occasionally, because these ingredients can stick around in your body for a long time, leach nutrients from your system, and can make you really sick. As put by my pal Kristen Michaelis at FoodRenegade.com, “Not only is MSG not a traditional food, not only are many people immediately sensitive to it, but it can also interrupt the hormonal and biological development of children! Lest you think this is all fanciful, it’s important to remember that a number of studies have found that the effects of MSG can occur cumulatively over time with subsequent exposure.”

Toxic hidden MSG ingredients buried in popular pizza menu items:

Autolyzed Yeast Extract (Hidden MSG)
Textured or Hydrolyzed Proteins (Hidden MSG and GMO)
Hydrolyzed Corn (Hidden MSG and GMO)
Modified Starches (Hidden MSG or Possible GMO)
Natural Flavors (Possible Hidden MSG)
Disodium Inosinate or Disodium Guanylate (MSG enhancers)

The ingredient lists that I could get my hands on are riddled with artificial colors, artificial and natural flavors, partially hydrogenated oils, cellulose (wood pulp) to keep the already shredded cheese from clumping, and GMO soybean oil.

Partially Hydrogenated Oils (Trans-fat) – There is absolutely no reason for anyone to still be using this. These oils are so bad that even our FDA has woken up and warns that it’s not safe to eat this in any food. Partially hydrogenated oils block arteries and the CDC estimates that they could cause up to 20,000 heart attacks every year! I found these dangerous oils in Pizza Hut’s hand-tossed crust, Round Table’s Creamy Garlic sauce, Papa John’s dipping sauces and Dominos Philly Steak pizza. Partially hydrogenated oils are found in 21 menu items at Cici’s Pizza – it’s even added to their cheese!

Soybean Oil (likely GMO) – You’d hope to see just olive oil in there, but soybean oil is the oil of choice for most pizza restaurants. It’s in the dough and pizza sauces, so it basically makes its way into every pizza. This genetically engineered inflammation causing oil is being used at these restaurants:

Papa John’s
Pizza Hut
Uno Pizzeria
Papa Murphy’s
Little Caesars
Mellow Mushroom – “Soybean oil is a major ingredient in our pizzas”
California Pizza Kitchen – “our Ciabatta Bread and our Wheat Dough do contain Soybean Oil”
Round Table Pizza – Creamy Garlic sauce
BHT/BHA (Butylated Hydroxytoluene.Butylated Hydroxyanisole) – BHT is used in embalming fluid and to fuel jets. BHA is toxic to your organs and linked to cancer. These were found in the pepperoni on every ingredient list I looked at from Uno’s to Dominos.

Sodium Nitrite – Whenever this is added to a meat, there is a really good chance that it contains cancer-causing Nitrosamines. Nitrites are often found in the pepperoni, ham, bacon and sausage toppings.

Enriched Flour – This is a dead food that has had some vitamins and minerals artificially replaced. It’s absorbed by your body as a starch, rather than a whole grain. This flour is used in pizza dough, except the gluten-free versions.

Artificial Colors – These are petroleum-based colorings linked to asthma, allergies and hyperactivity. I found them in the banana pepper toppings, the cheese at Cici’s, and specifically in the garlic oil used by Domino’s.

Caramel Coloring – This is often made by heating ammonia and sulfites under high pressure which creates carcinogenic compounds. You’ll find this very controversial coloring in the bacon at Pizza Hut, the Italian sausage at Round Table, the beef at Little Caesars, the zesty pizza sauce at Cici’s and in the BBQ Chicken pizza at Uno’s.

BPA (Bisphenol A) – You won’t find this on any ingredient label, but BPA leaches from the cans that hold pizza sauce in some restaurants. Many fast food pizza chains use canned tomato sauce that could have BPA. This substance exposure increases your risk for cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes and a slew of other medical problems.

Papa John’s – They add a lot to their “Better Ingredients”. For instance, their “100% Beef” topping is a lot more than just beef! It contains corn syrup, maltodextrin, natural flavor, natural smoke grill flavor, beef flavor and seasonings. Also, so much for believing that there is 100% real cheese topping their pizzas, as they add modified food starch (hidden MSG), preservatives and powdered wood pulp (cellulose) to their cheese blend. They also add natural flavors to their thin crust, pepperoni, and chicken topping, as well as hidden MSG (autolyzed yeast extract) to their garlic ranch and spinach alfredo pizza sauces. Those little dipping sauces that come with your pizza are loaded with partially hydrogenated oil, GMOs and (you guessed it) more hidden MSG.

Domino’s – One of the few pizza restaurants that openly publishes their ingredients online – and their ingredient list has hidden MSG written all over it. It’s almost impossible to avoid at Dominos, as it’s in their cheese, marinara sauce, white sauces, BBQ sauce and a slew of toppings (chicken, beef, Italian sausage and Philly steak). They also add “flavors” to their pan crust, cheese, pepperoni and shake-on seasoning. The garlic oil used on nearly evWHY IS DOMINOS PIZZA TOXIC?ery pizza is NOT what you’d expect (garlic & oil). It’s actually a toxic combo of over 20 ingredients including artificial colors, artificial flavors and TBHQ.

Pizza Hut – You get a lot more than “100% Real Beef” in this topping loaded natural and artificial flavors. Their sausage and bacon toppings have hidden MSG (autolyzed yeast or hydrolyzed proteins), and you are eating modified starches in their cheese, chicken and cream sauce (starches usually derived from GMO corn). The garlic sauce and seasoning used on every hand-tossed pizza is loaded with natural flavors, artificial flavors and partially-hydrogenated GMO oils. Pizza Hut recently reformulated their hand-tossed crust by replacing the high fructose corn syrup with sucralose (Splenda) – an artificial sweetener that has been shown to cause DNA damage to the gastrointestinal tract, reduces beneficial gut bacteria, and is linked to inflammatory bowel disease. Recent research indicates that sucralose is linked to leukemia.

Round Table – “The Last Honest Pizza” honestly adds straight “Glutamic Acid” to their creamy garlic sauce. They add hidden MSG ingredients to their pizza sauces, chicken and sausage toppings. Their cheese is far from “100% real” with “Natural Smoke Flavoring” and cellulose (wood pulp).

Little Caesars – Although their corporate office told me that their ingredients are top secret….the sauce contains natural flavors and the cheese contains wood pulp (cellulose). They also rattled off the beef topping ingredients to confirm it contains yeast extract, beef flavorings and caramel coloring.

Mellow Mushroom – Soybean oil, which is likely GMO – “Soybean oil is a major ingredient in our pizzas” …..The tool gives misleading, inaccurate and potentially dangerous information if you have a soy allergy.

Uno Pizzeria – They are not much better than the rest with hidden MSG in their BBQ Chicken pizza, Harvest Vegetable pizza, sausage topping and gluten-free crust. They also add caramel color, artificial flavors, and a large amount of natural flavors to their BBQ Chicken pizza.

Papa Murphy’s – It’s all about the sauces at Papa Murphy’s, where there’s yeast extract in their basil pesto sauce and modified food starch in their BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce, creamy garlic sauce and sweet chili sauce. They also add “flavors” to nearly every meat topping available and to their cheese.

Cici’s – They don’t really hide it by adding straight MSG to 10 menu items including their “Zesty” pizza sauce. Cici’s further adds hidden MSG to their buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, bacon cheddar sauce, sausage topping and beef topping. Quite frankly, I can’t believe how bad their “cheese” iDO you like CICI pizza?  Find out how really unhealthy it is!s – modified food starch, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, (added) casein, aluminum, natural flavors and artificial color! I was also astounded to find high fructose corn syrup in their BBQ sauce and dessert pizzas, as well as carrageenan and propylene glycol in several of their sauces, including the Alfredo.

On Papa John’s website, they say that their cheese is “crafted from 100% mozzarella and high-quality milk by one of America’s finest cheese producers” – But the ingredients tell the real story. Now we know their cheese also contains wood pulp and modified food starch… and that IT’S NOT 100% CHEESE.

I find it interesting in all the above statements and findings, just google for yourself.  I hope you help me spread the word about the Poison Pizza by SHARING THIS ARTICLE!

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If you enjoyed this article: http://foodbabe.com/2014/03/23/if-youve-ever-eaten-pizza-before-this-will-blow-your-mind/  
Other resources: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kristin-wartman/pizza-is-a-vegetable_b_1101433.html


Beans Beans Good For Your Heart….

what kind of beans help you lose weightYes, you have heard the rhyme right?  Beans beans good for your heart, beans beans they make you fart… or beans beans the wonderful fruit, beans beans they make you toot!  Yes, beans are great take a look at what they also can do for weight loss!

Beans are comparable to meat when it comes to calories, says Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, a registered dietitian at Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Wellness Institute in Chicago and a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. But they really shine in terms of fiber and water content, two ingredients that make you feel fuller, faster. Adding beans to your diet helps cut calories without feeling deprived.

Beans are a very good way to eat if you want to lose weight AND be healthy. Don’t worry about getting enough protein, because beans are about 15 to 20 % protein, and if you combine them with whole grains like brown rice you’ll get plenty of complete protein.

Beans help with dieting because they have complex carbohydrates and dietary FIBER that helps regulate your blood sugar so you avoid getting suddenly ravenously hungry. In other words, they help you stay satisfied. Their fiber also helps regulate your digestive system to avoid constipation, which can happen when you’re dieting.

Beans reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Beans in fact are the greatest source of fiber therefore a lower risk of colon cancer.

Beans stabilize blood sugar.

Four or more 1 cup servings per week in one study was enough to decrease the risk heart disease by 22%.

One study found that women who ate beans had a 38% reduction in risk for diabetes.

Beans are the greatest source of antioxidants.

Red Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans, Black beans, Navy beans, and Black-eyed Peas rank in the highest to eat!

Chili is one of my favorite things to eat in the winter.  Check out the recipe below and enjoy.


Chili is a great, tasty way to get your fill of nutrients. Beans are packed with fiber, and bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants.


  • 1 poblano pepper, seeded and cut into thirds lengthwise
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 2 teaspoons dried oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 (14.5-ounce) can diced tomatoes, undrained
  • 1 cup vegetable broth
  • 1 (15-ounce) can small red beans, rinsed and drained (you may add a variety of beans)
  • 1 large chopped yellow or orange bell pepper
  • 1 large vertically sliced red onion
  • 1/3 cup minced fresh cilantro
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 3/4 cup thinly sliced green onions, divided

peppers can help you lose weight

1. Preheat broiler.

2. Flatten poblano pepper with hands. Place on a foil-lined baking sheet; broil 4-6 inches from heat 4 minutes or until blackened and charred. Place in a zip-top heavy-duty plastic bag; seal. Let stand 15 minutes to allow skins to loosen. Peel and discard skins. Coarsely chop poblano pepper.

3. Place poblano pepper and next 10 ingredients (through red onion) in an electric slow cooker. Cover and cook on LOW 6 hours or until vegetables are tender. Uncover, and stir in cilantro, tomato paste, and half of green onions.

4. To serve, spoon chili into six serving bowls; top each  1 tablespoon green onions. Serve immediately.

Peppers can help you lose weightOptional: Add cayenne powder into some of your favorite recipes for a bit of a kick and to boost your metabolism. Spicy peppers, which include cayenne peppers, cause the body temperature to rise. When the body temperature rises it needs to be cooled, and you burn more calories when the body is forced to go through a cooling process.

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Speed Up Weight Loss

speed up weight lossGet More Quality Sleep.

I got me a fit bit bracelet and love it.  It also measures my sleep from how long I am in bed and how many times I wake up.  It gives me a percent of good quality sleep which is usually 95%.  You can never be truly healthy if you don’t get enough quality sleep. Recent studies show that people who sleep less tend to weigh more. Being sleep-deprived can also increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems. If you’re having trouble getting the recommended 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night, keep a sleep log to help you track your sleep habits. Be sure to include what time you go to bed and awaken each day, but also what foods, beverages, and medications you consume, and how and when you exercise.
Don’t be fooled by the empty promises of fad diets that tout fast weight loss for minimal effort. The sure-fire way to lose weight and keep it off is to adopt a healthy lifestyle over the long term. A lifestyle that promotes healthy habits, including keeping your home organized, planning meals a week at a time, shopping smarter, and getting more—and better—sleep can help you stay focused on your weight-loss goals and keep you motivated to reach them. By following these basic strategies, you will not only shed unwanted pounds, but feel healthier and happier overall.

Make Exercise a Priority.

Regular exercise can help keep your metabolism revved so you lose weight faster. In addition, exercise can also help prevent the onset of diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, by reducing belly fat, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides. Get at least 20 minutes of either cardio conditioning or core-strengthening exercise on most days of the week. But you should also aim to move more every day. The smallest movements add up and will improve your weight-loss results.

Eat Healthy Snacks.

Regular midmorning and midafternoon snacking can be a challenge, particularly when you’re on the go. But with some planning and preparation, you can put together a healthy assortment of snacks to help curb your hunger and prevent cravings. Invest in a lightweight, reusable lunch bag that you can stock with small zip-seal bags containing healthy options like  chopped veggies, whole-grain crackers with nut butter, and my favorite is nuts or fruits.

Make Mealtime Matter.

We have family time.  Although most of my boys have moved out, we still try to get together with them and the family once a month.  We have made this a tradition in our home and a priority when they were small, now they do this with their own family.  You might be surprised to learn that taking the time to savor your meals can actually aid your weight-loss. When you sit down to enjoy what you’re eating, thinking about every bite, you’ll feel more satisfied and eat less. Mealtime is also designed to give you a break from your hectic schedule and allow you to catch up on what’s happening in the lives of your family and/or friends. Furthermore, studies suggest that eating nutritious meals at an actual dining table is good not only for your physical health but also for your mental health, and that goes for adults and children too.

Cook Meals in Advance.

This is a must!  Prepare on Sunday afternoon and put in fridge.  If a busy schedule is keeping you from making homemade meals, knowing that there is already something healthy in the fridge or freezer that you can simply reheat will help you resist fast food or other unhealthy dining options. To take the stress out of the kitchen, cook a few meals in advance each week to serve midweek or later. Soups, casseroles, and stews made with lean protein and plenty of vegetables, as well as recipes made with brown rice and whole-wheat pasta, are just a few examples of dishes that can be made ahead and refrigerated or frozen.

Shop Healthy.

I don’t buy foods that are unhealthy.  I don’t buy sugary snacks that will temp me throughout the day.  It is important to have a plan.  While some healthy foods can be pricey, the reality is that when you stop buying junk foods and replace them with high-quality nutritious foods, your grocery dollars will go farther (and you’ll ultimately save on those doctor bills, too). Cut costs by creating a weekly meal plan for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, as well as snacks, and then tally up the ingredients you’ll need and prepare a shopping list.

Organize Your Home.

Whether you’re cooking a healthy homemade meal, working out in your living room, or squeezing more fitness in by speed-cleaning your house, what happens at home affects your commitment to losing weight. A disorganized home can interfere with achieving your health and fitness goals. Assess the mess in your home by going through every room and decide what needs to be dealt with (or tossed!), and then figure out a way to keep it organized permanently.  You feel better in a clean organized home, therefore you won’t “stress” or emotional eat.

Take a Supplement.

Plexus Slim is a healthy all natural way to lose weight.  I lost 24 pounds 2 years ago and went from a size 12 to a size 6.  It is a powder you mix with a drink first thing in the morning and taste great.  It levels out your sugar levels, tricks your brain into thinking you are full therefore you eat less.  During this time I also switched to drinking only bottled water.  It has been a journey and now I help people all over the US in losing weight and getting healthy as well as lead a team who are helping people who struggle in this area.

The combo is great to start with.  I have reserved a special price for you in receiving the Plexus Slim/Accelerator combo on my site:  http://www.buyonline.myplexusproducts.com at the Preferred Purchase!  If you are not ready to start with the full 30 days, go ahead and just try the 3 day decision pack to see how you like it with FREE SHIPPING!

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Worst Unhealthy Fast Food

top unhealthy fast food listIf you have ever tried to lose weight and you eat out all the time, you can realize how hard it is to pick a restaurant with good healthy food.  I was researching the other day and found out what not to eat and the top unhealthy fast food as well as why not to eat.  Not only does it pack on the calories and fat but also the disgusting why not to eat is even more interesting.  Here is the list.

Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries – 2,140 Calories

Five Guys Large French Fries - 1464 calories with 71g of fat

McDonald’s Chocolate Triple Thick Shake (32 oz.) – 1160 calories with 21g fat

Applebee’s Quesadilla Burger – 1440 calories – 4,410 mg of sodium, nearly twice the recommended daily limit

Quiznos – Tuna Melt with Cheese and Dressing (large) – 1,760 calories, 133g fat, 25g saturated fat, 200mg cholesterol, 2120mg sodium

Taco Bell Chicken Ranch Fully Loaded Taco Salad – 960 Calories

Olive Garden: Pork Milanese – 1,510 calories, 87g fat, 37g saturated fat, 3,100g sodium

Burger King’s Large Triple Whopper –  80 grams fat and 1,200 calories. (In fact, if you add a side to your order, you add 600 more calories. On the other hand, calorie count is raised to 2,200 calories if you add a Coke too. If you eat this meal once a week for a year, you will easily add more than 30 pounds to your weight.)

McDonalds Chicken :  bag of frozen nuggets left on a counter results: They will melt in a pool of liquid (wood pulp)  McDonald’s grilled chicken “doesn’t sell too well,” and can remain there for a decent amount of time…. employees push two hours waiting. Although it’s the most healthy thing on the menu, it can end up lasting an hour in a heated cabinet.

Unconventional pizza toppings
Quirky’ pizza toppings” that aren’t ordered often such as green olives, artichokes,and sun-dried tomatoes don’t get much turnover, and so aren’t as fresh.  Will be replaced before they’re actually rotten,”  noted that could be “a long time after they’re considered unfit for consumption.”

Sweetened tea
Iced tea may sound healthier than a soft drink, however, most fast-food sweetened teas contain a whopping amount of sugar that’s nearly equivalent to soda of comparable size.

Many users told tales of moldy, unsanitary ice-making machines, while others said they’d never seen this problem.   These machines are only cleaned out usually when they break. http://www.grubstreet.com/2013/06/ice-machines-bacteria-toilet-water.html

Visiting just before closing time
This nugget from a self-described Wendy’s employee sums up the problem: “Don’t come through before we close. That’s when we’re most lenient about our quality. If you come through at 11:55, don’t expect good stuff. Expect squishy chicken, old fries, and crappy meat. It’s not a guarantee, but chances are good.

One former Wendy’s employee, revealed the secret to the chain’s beefy chili: “The meat comes from hamburger patties that sat on the grill too long to serve to customers. They take them and put them in a bin and then throw them in the fridge. When the chili is made they…boil it, chop it up, and dump [it] in the chili.”

It’s been 2 years now since I started researching food and getting healthy.  I made a decision that I wanted to be healthy, live longer and stop the insanity of sugar addiction.  If you are trying to lose weight then head on over to get your good “COMBO” Plexus Slim/Accelerator here. http://www.wholebody.myplexusproducts.com.

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