What You Don’t Know About Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim Frequent Asked QuestionsPlexus Slim FAQ

I am on prescription medication, can I take Plexus products?

Nobody in the Plexus home office is qualified to give medical advice. You should always take the ingredients list of the individual product (listed on the Plexus Slim website) to your doctor for review if you have any concerns.

How is Plexus Slim sweetened?

Plexus Slim is sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract and Lo Han Fruit Extract. Both of these ingredients are natural, completely safe and do not lend themselves to invoking a blood sugar
spike when consumed.

What is the “artificial flavor,” in Slim?

The natural flavors are cherry and pomegranate.

Are there any stimulants in Plexus Slim?

No. Plexus Slim does not contain any stimulants such as caffeine, ma huang, ephedra or any other type of stimulatory ingredient.

Can someone with Crohn’s disease take Plexus?

Yes, Plexus will NOT aggravate Crohn’s disease.

Is Plexus Slim gluten-free?


Does Plexus Slim contain any MSG?

Plexus Slim does not contain MSG or other proven red-flag ingredients. Although some manufacturers play label games to hide MSG and other controversial ingredients, all of the chemical names used in labeling Plexus Slim are the chemical break downs of the various plant extracts used. No MSG, no artificials, no synthetics. Monosodium Glutamate has been used as a preservative in many foods. There is also a theory out there that it has been used in fast foods and grocery store foods to cause people to want to eat more, thus purchase more of the product. We have never seen any empirical data to support the claim. Of course, none of that applies to Plexus Slim because there simply isn’t any in our product.

What are the fillers in Plexus Slim?

Maltodextrin and fructose are both commonly used fillers. There are many variations of these two ingredients. The maltodextrin variation we use is among the lowest glycemic index available. We use it rather than other fillers because it does not adversely affect the taste of the product. Over the years, some product companies have put taste on a back burner when it came to the formulation. Even though some people do acquire a taste for these products, most do not. We have seen many drinks that are very healthy but people stop taking them because they can’t gag them down day after day. We have seen drinks that taste fabulous but have extremely high glycemic indices, thus the taste deters from the product’s health benefits. Plexus Slim strikes the balance between tasting good and refreshing while still carrying a relatively low glycemic index.

How often do I have to take Plexus Slim?

Most people only need to take Plexus Slim once a day to get the desired results. However, people who struggle with weight loss or people who have a lot of weight to lose, may find that taking Plexus Slim twice a day works better for them.

Can children and teenagers drink Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim has demonstrated no ill effect on children or teenagers.Are you ready to lose weight?  It's easier than you think with this pink drink!

Will Plexus Slim cause me to notice a loss in pounds or inches?

Every person is different and what happens with one person is not necessarily what is going to happen with another. Most people report that they lose inches first. That is why we urge you to take your starting measurements. That may be where your results first show up. On the other hand, we have had people reporting a loss in weight before the loss of inches show up.

Can Plexus be taken with anti-depressants? (Welbutrin or other mood altering medications)

Yes, Slim is perfectly safe to take with and will not interfere with anti-depressants.

What is the sweetener in Plexus Slim?

Much time and effort has been expended in developing the taste of Plexus Slim. The goal was to create a good tasting product without using harmful or controversial ingredients. The final formulation that produced the desired taste uses a combination of Stevia and Lohan. Stevia being a leaf extract and Lohan being a fruit extract. During product development, several variations of the formula were created using only Stevia. The result was a bitter aftertaste considered by most test subjects to be unpleasant. Stevia and Lohan are both safe and effective alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Do I need to exercise on the Plexus Slim program?

According to the developers of the product, it is not necessary for you to exercise as part of the Plexus Slim program. However, they also say that any moderate exercise – like a 20 to 30 minute brisk walk every day – will dramatically increase the speed with which Plexus Slim works.

Does Plexus cause liver damage?

There is nothing in the Accelerator or the Slim that can harm the liver. If anything, the Slim may improve liver function.

ARE YOU READY TO LOSE FAT?  CHECK THIS OUT!Do I have to give up drinking alcohol to lose weight with Plexus Slim?


This is a very individual thing. Some people have told us that, throughout their adult life they have never been able to lose weight unless they give up drinking.

The developers of Plexus Slim say that, for most people, moderate drinking will not stop the weight loss from occurring.

You need to use your own judgment. Alcoholic beverages are very high in calories. Consume too many calories and you are going to be working against the Plexus Slim program.

Is Slim/Accelerator is safe for people with Lupus or Hypothyroidism?

Plexus will not have an adverse effect on Hypothyroidism. It may even help this condition over time.

Is Plexus FDA approved?

Slim is categorized as a food supplement therefore it is neither approved nor disapproved by the FDA.

Can Plexus Slim and Accelerator be taken with blood thinner medication? (Coumadin, Plavix, Aggrenox…)

We have intentionally engineered a product that does not contain large amounts of stimulants. Nonetheless, it does have some stimulatory ingredients. These ingredients will not react negatively with blood thinner.

Do you have questions about Plexus Slim?  Find out here why people are running to the all natural way to lose weight and get healthy!

Plexus Slim has answers!

Whenever I go on a diet, I seem to lose fat from my breasts first. Will Plexus Slim cause the same thing to happen? Is there anything I can do about preventing the fat from coming off my brea

Breast fat is different than the adipose body fat that accumulates around the waist, hips and thighs. Plexus Slim tends to go after the adipose fat and leave the Breast fat alone. However, if you want some added assurance, we recommend the use of Plexus Breast Cream. If you apply this cream twice a day to your breasts, the product will help your body to detoxify your breasts and, in the process, keep them fuller and firmer.

Can pregnant or lactating women take Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim has not demonstrated any harmful effects for pregnant and lactating women. As with all supplementation, a health care practitioner should be consulted before taking the product.

When can I expect to experience weight loss?

Because Plexus Slim contains no stimulants, it is a very subtle yet effective product. Most people begin to recognize benefits approximately 2 weeks after starting the product. Some experience benefits sooner, others, later.

When is the best time to drink Plexus Slim?

Preferably 15-30 minutes before a meal. However, Plexus Slim can be taken anytime and will still benefit the consumer.

Is the Citrin K in Plexus harmful?

Slim has a very tiny amount of Citrin K in it because it serves as a catalyst for some of the other ingredients. The amount in the product is so small it almost met the criteria to not have to list it at all. There is no health risk associated the Citrin K we use in the Slim.

What affect does Plexus have on diabetes?

Plexus Slim was originally engineered to help regulate blood glucose levels in diabetics. Common results for diabetics are the ability to take less insulin due to a combination of fewer blood sugar spikes and improved pancreatic function in type 2 diabetics.

Do I need to eat differently when I am taking Plexus Slim?

This is a really important question and here is a very simple thing to keep in mind: if you keep on doing what you have always been doing, you will keep on getting what you have always been getting. In reverse, if you want to lose weight permanently, you will need to eat differently than before. Plexus Slim is formulated to help you make a life-style change to your eating habits.

Plexus Slim contains natural ingredients that have been shown to reduce appetite. However, some people just ignore their body’s new messages and keep on eating like before. Some people eat emotionally; they eat because they are stressed or upset. Most people are trained to eat with their eyes and eat by the clock. What do we mean by that?

Has this ever happened to you? You look at the clock and realize it is supper time. You sit down to eat your supper and realize that you really aren’t hungry. But, because it is supper time, you eat your supper anyway. That’s what we mean by eating by the clock.

Some people sit down for a meal and fill up their entire plate with food. Then, they eat until everything on the plate is gone. They are not listening to their bodies. Weight loss specialists tell us that the stomach is really designed to consume a meal that is about the size of a clenched fist.

If you go to a restaurant, try ordering an appetizer for your main meal. Wait a few minutes after you finish eating. If you are still hungry after you have had your appetizer, you can always order another appetizer. Our guess is that if you listen to your body, you will realize that you are full. And, one other thing, your pocket book will also appreciate the lower cost of the meal.

If you are looking for a restaurant and you see the sign “All You Can Eat” or if you see “Buffet Dinner Tonight”, please drive on. We have been trained to always get the best deal we can for our money. When we are at a buffet that means that we need to go back at least three times AND go for dessert as well just to make sure we get full value for what we have paid.

Make a decision: Do you want to lose weight and keep it off by making a small life-style change? If so, Plexus Slim is designed to help you do that. On the other hand, if you want to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for you buck by stuffing yourself at the buffet, you can forget about permanent weight loss.

What if I gain weight while taking Plexus?

Plexus Slim by its self in not designed to be an appetite suppressant like most weight loss supplements. We have seen people who are taking the Slim that assume because they are taking the product they will not have the urge to over indulge, somewhat like a placebo effect. While Plexus Slim is designed to help shed unwanted fat it will not act as an appetite suppressant in most cases.

What do you mean by “All Natural”?

The extracts we use in Slim are from organic sources, coloring from beet root, active ingredients are all organic plant derived, sweetening is from the stevia leaf, etc. It is an all natural product. The Accelerator is also from plant origins, but due to the processes used, we technically can’t call it all natural or completely organic. It is a much safer product than thermogenics or other typical weight loss capsules or pills.

What are the ingredients in Plexus Slim and are they safe?

Plexus Slim’s ingredients are natural i.e. plant extracts, and they are completely safe. Ingredients are – Proprietary Health Blend*, Low Glycemic Index Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Beet Root & Grape Skin extract, Stevia Extract, Lo Han Extract *Proprietary Health Blend: Chlorogenic Acid (plant extract), Citrin K (Garcinia Cambogia), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside (plant extract), Chromium (Amino Nicotinate GTF). All ingredients are natural with no artificial coloring or flavoring.

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Besides weight loss will I notice anything else from taking Plexus Slim?

Based on the feed-back from people who are taking Plexus Slim, we are hearing four pretty consistent things: first, people say they feel calmer throughout the day; second, people tell us they are sleeping much better at night: third, people notice their appetites are down; fourth, people tell us that they aren’t snacking as often; some have told us their snacking, especially sweets like chocolate and candy, has totally stopped.

Do I have to take the Plexus Accelerator with the Plexus Slim?

No, you do not. While the accelerator does help speed up the weight loss in most cases, taking the Plexus accelerator with Plexus Slim is not required.

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I Made More With My Part Time Income Than My Full Time Job

See How Lynsey won a car through her PART TIME JOB!  Need one?  HER part time income was MORE than her full time. See how you can WIN a car too! Lynsey did!
“I am so THANKFUL for this past year and what it has brought not only my family but so many others!!!
 January 1st last year [2013] was a life changing day for me and my family, that was the day I bought my first 3 day trial pack. It was also a blessing from God in disguise. You see, on January 2nd I signed up to be a Plexus Ambassador hoping to get my product for free because I KNEW the product worked and could help a few of my friends. Little did I know though that the end of January would bring a shocking life change for not only me, but my family as well.

To give you a little background I worked as a clerk for our local License Bureau here in Sikeston for almost 6 years. In April of 2012, I left our local office to take a pay raise and office manager position at another local office. Things were going great there! I hated the commute everyday but it was worth it! My boss was so great! She made my hours 9-4:15 since I had a 25 minute drive everyday and had to take my kids to school and pick them up. Great right?! Well, end of January 2013 my daughter Zoe’ got really sick and had to be hospitalized. After 3 days of her being in the hospital and me having to call in everyday because each day we were hoping she would get released, my boss that was so great before gave me an ultimatum, it was either going to be my daughter or my job. Well, sorry folks, my family is more important than any job so my daughter it was!


What was my saving grace through all of this?! PLEXUS! Ironically enough, the week Zoe’ was first sick I Fast Started Gold and because of some customer service issues I had trying to verify my Fast Start, our CEO Tarl Robinson had PERSONALLY called me. While on the phone with Tarl he asked me what my goals were with Plexus and whether or not eventually becoming a stay at home mom was one of those, I laughed and told him I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom but my husband would never let me. God knew what was in store for me and prepared me in a way that day WITHOUT my knowing! That next week was Plexus Payday and on that check was my Fast Start bonus which took care of that income I had lost due to Zoe’s illness. I now am a stay at home mom! I NOW HAVE ACHIEVED GOALS I WOULD HAVE NOT EVER SET FOR MYSELF 2 YEARS AGO!

I could write a book, so let me sum up for you February – December in this last paragraph. In February I hit Gold and Sr. Gold rank advancements which totally took care of my Full-Time income I had been earning. April was another big rank advancement, Ruby! In May again, rank advancement to Senior Ruby! June was a big month, CONVENTION! Totally a life changing event there, everyone needs to attend! In August I earned a Plexus Lexus and a trip every year to Maui! Also in August I found out that our family of 4 was becoming a family of 5! October earned a trip to Amelia Island, Florida for Leader’s Retreat, and in December I received an awesome Christmas Present from the company, a Plexus Jacket!

Throughout these last 12 months I have had acquaintances that have become best friends that are more like family because of our bonds through Plexus. Plus, I now feel like I have a second family of nearly 5,000 team members.


This year has been such a blessing, and no, I didn’t get through this without shedding a few tears thinking about ‘why me?’ Picking up my Plexus Lexus this past weekend was a dream come true. This truly would not be possible without my awesome downline and amazing upline! Thank you Plexus for making my ordinary life turn into a life that I can take pride in getting to help others!”

Lynsey Perry

It is an exciting time to be a part of Plexus!

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Krispy Kreme or Duncan Donuts

donuts a pool of sludgeWhich do you prefer?  There is nothing like a warm donut melting across your taste buds but is it healthy or worth it?

If you buy a donuts or other snacks at a grocery or convenience store or thru the drive through, ask yourself the question “why” before you take the plunge.   Most takeout foods are much higher in fat and calories than you might think.  I try to keep plain almonds or other nuts / seeds for a healthier snack so it won’t be so tempting to grab one of these mouth-watering worse snacks ever when you are out and about.  Instead of feeling deprived of these tasty nuggets look at it as “My body is healthy therefore I won’t poison it with toxins that is going to not only sabotage  my health but make me feel guilty for eating it.  Learn to have a mental attitude of “I deserve better”!Can you have just one bite?  Donuts are being served by the millions and we wonder why we are overweight!

Donuts: Duncan Doughnuts or Krispy Kreme

Just one original glazed doughnut weighs in at:

  • 200 calories
  • 12 g fat
  • 22 g carbs
  • 2 g protein

A Jelly filled: 360 calories, 19 grams of fat

Duncan Donuts

590 calories, 24 grams of fat

Did you know there is 5 Tablespoons of Sugar in this doughnut?  AND the recommend amount of sugar for women daily is only 6 tsp!A chocolate glazed cake doughnut contains 5 tsp. of sugar. According to the American Heart Association, women should eat a maximum of 6 tsp. of sugar a day, so a single doughnut will almost meet that number. If you eat more than one on a regular basis, this could lead to problems with your blood sugar, such as erratic glucose levels in the blood, energy crashes and more. People with diabetes should avoid sugary foods such as doughnuts as much as possible.

There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this snack. It is, after all, little more than deep-fried, bleached starch, coated in pure sugar. Perfect for spiking your insulin levels.How healthy is donuts?  Find out what donuts do to your body here!  EEEEEK!

A Krispy Kreme raspberry-filled jam doughnut contains 300 calories, while a chocolate iced doughnut contains 350 calories. According to website Family Doctor, 3,500 calories equal 1 lb. If you add a doughnut a day to your regular diet and don’t exercise the calories off or cut down on calories elsewhere, you will gain about one extra pound every 10 days.Donut belly?  Find out why donuts are really made of here.

Doughnuts are a very bad choice for your heart. They’re fried, which means you’re consuming lots of saturated and trans fats.  Trans fats can increase your cholesterol and triglycerides, and increase your risk of heart disease.

why cinnabon is bad for youCinnabon = NUTRITION LABEL: 880 calories, 36 grams of fat, 127 grams of carbs, 59 grams of sugar, 830 milligrams of sodium, 2 grams of fiber

One Cinnabon contains as much sugar as a 100 Grand chocolate bar plus nine Hershey’s Kisses with almonds and, 11 Pixy Stix! Skip the sugar-laden bun and avoid the horrific sugar crash that would surely follow after ingesting it.

Just one donut is not bad for you right?  How about two?  Find out how unhealthy these tasty little snacks are here!Starbucks Flavored Coffee: If your daily routine includes swinging by Starbucks for a quick latte, you may be well on your way to diabetes, obesity, or both. A grande mocha  sends 580 calories and 40 grams of fat down your system. The recommended calorie intake is about 2,000, which means that one cup has roughly the same calories as a full meal, without the nutritional value. In fact, according to News Target, Starbucks’ drinks can hardly be called coffee – coffee-flavored sugar is more like it. The coffee itself is not bad, but with all the sugar, cream, and other heavy add-ons that go into each cup, you might as well have ordered ice cream.

480 calories, 20 grams of fat (with whole milk)What kind of donut do you prefer?  Are donuts bad for you?  Find out here why many Americans are falling into a pool of disaster by eating little snacks like these.

I believe the biggest factor as a mother and grandmother we need to make choices not only for ourselves to live longer and healthier but also make choices for our children and never allow them to indulge or eat things that are just asking them to take the plunge into unhealthy eating habits.  It’s like diving into a swimming pool of sludge without a life-preserver!

Do you want to slide in a pool of sludge?  You may be eating this which throws you into this pool of unhealthy eating habits! If you struggle with cravings of sugar or have problems with weight loss or insulin spikes/diabetic or pre-diabetic, I have a solution.  This started me on my health journey and my own weight loss of 24 pounds!  It is called Plexus Slim/Accelerator combo and you can check it out here: http://www.melissaphillips.myplexusproducts.com 

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5 Day Meal Plan for Weight Loss Or For Diabetics

An easy 5 day meal plan for YOU!I found this the other day and thought I would share with my readers!

EatingWell’s Diabetes-Appropriate Meal Plan is designed to provide an overall healthy meal program that can be enjoyed by people with diabetes as well as by their families at five different daily caloric levels: 1,200, 1,400, 1,600, 1,800 and 2,000. The menus are packed with nutrient-rich foods, includingwhole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. They avoid refinedgrains and limit added sugars.

Each meal and snack is planned to keep blood sugar in check; snacks are generally 1 to 2 1/2 carbohydrate servings and meals are 2 1/2 to 5 carbohydrate servings, depending on the caloric level. In addition, these meal plans are heart-healthy: generally lower in saturated fat, dietary cholesterol and sodium, as diabetes is a risk factor for heart disease. Download a FREE Diabetic-Diet Dinner Recipe Cookbook!

FREE 5 day meal plan to lose weight or for diabetics!

Here is DAYS 1-5 for the 1200 calories


 DAY 2

Day 3


    • 1 Whole-Wheat English Muffin
    • 1 Cup Skim Milk
    • 1/2 Cup Blueberries
    • 1 Teaspoon Fat Free Cream Cheese

    • 1 Apple, small

    • 1 Cup Tossed Salad Mix
    • 1 Tablespoon Fat Free Blue Cheese Salad Dressing
    • 1/2 Cup Fresh Pineapple
    • 1 Slice Reduced-Calorie Oatmeal Bran Bread

    • 6 Ounces Nonfat Vanilla or Lemon Yogurt, Sweetened with Low-Calorie Sweetener

 DAY 4

    • 1 Cup Skim Milk
    • 1/2 Cup Hot Oatmeal
    • 1 Ounce Dried Fruit
    • 1 Tablespoon Walnuts

    • 1 Kiwi

    • 1 Cup Tossed Salad Mix
    • 1 Tablespoon Low Calorie Caesar Salad Dressing
    • 1 Slice Reduced-Calorie Oatmeal Bran Bread
    • 1 Cup Honeydew Melon

    • 1 Cup Blackberries
    • 1 Cup Skim Milk


 I have also found a great supplement to get your cravings under control and also help regulate diabetic sugar levels while you eat these daily meals.  Plexus Slim in fact was made for diabetics to help regulate their insulin.  The effect was not only stable levels but also weight loss among other health benefits from chlosteral, lipid levels and blood pressure improvements.  The testimonies that keep pouring in across the nation is diabetic are decreasing their insulin whether if it is capsule/pill form or shots!  You can get a sample or message me below on how to start your freedom from insulin today.  Take back your life in not only helping you lose weight but get healthy.


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The Deadly Cinnabon

Run from the temptation of the Deadly Cinnabon while shopping.  LOOK AT THESE DEADLY ingredients! The more I read about how we are making our food, educating myself the more I refuse to eat it!  I may have had a Cinnabon maybe once, but I love the smell at the mall when I am shopping.  You know when you are on a mission, your tired, your focused on finding the right gift and then you walk by their little corner store.  The smell hits you in the face and you justify the fattening because you have “exercised” in all the walking.

It is time we wake up to what is really in our food and how unhealthy it is for us.  Holiday shopping is upon us and we are out and about, we are hungry and then boom… it hits you.  I have learned to keep water in my purse along with an assortment of nuts for those hunger quick pick me up moments.  I also take a supplement called Plexus slim/Accelerator combo to help me resist, give me the will power and the energy needed for the holiday shopping.

Have you seen the ingredients in a Cinnabon?


OK OK, what the heck does all that mean?  How does this affect my health AND what does all that mean?  Who reads labels right?

CinnabonStix, introduced in 2000, were actually the first “hand-held” Cinnabon product.  While not exactly nutritious, the other items on the Cinnabon menu are so fattening that the CinnabonStix’s 346 calories and 11 grams of fat.

Cinnabon’s signature roll is so rotund it could double as a shot put. At half a pound, the Cinnabon is a sugar and fat intestinal exploder that yields 670 calories and 34 grams of fat, more of both than a Pizza Hut  Personal Pan Supreme pizza!

WHAT IS INSIDE THIS Cinnabon!  Find out here and how dangerous it is for your health! This gooey dieter’s nightmare has 900 calories and 41 grams of fat. Help your cardiologist make his yacht payments by ordering one today!

One Cinnabon contains as much sugar as a 100 Grand chocolate bar plus nine Hershey’s Kisses with almonds and, 11 Pixy Stix! Skip the sugar-laden bun and avoid the horrific sugar crash that would surely follow after ingesting it.

SUGAR: A Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll is a straight-up sugar factory. Inside, you’ll find four different types of the insulin-spiking ingredients: brown sugar, powdered sugar, high fructose corn syrup (glucose-fructose) and molasses. The worst part is that these sugars will rob your body of crucial vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, chromium, magnesium, zinc and copper. To top it off, high fructose corn syrup infamously may not be triggering leptin, your “I’m full” hormone. In other words, you’ll want to continue to stuff your face even if your stomach is completely full…. OTHER ingredients can lead to hives and asthma, and may promote the formation of a carcinogen called benzene.  Consuming these super-charged cow byproducts may increase the human risk of breast, colon and prostate cancers. AZODICARBONAMIDE: Unless you don’t mind eating the same ingredient that’s used in your yoga mat and sneaker soles, you’ll want to avoid this additive.

So with all that said, resist the smell, resist looking over as you pass by and remember the words of Robot on Lost In Space!

Remember this?  DANGER DANGER Will Robinson!  Pin it for fun if you remember!  DANGER DANGER  Will Robinson! http://youtu.be/REvmhBO99I4

If you find it hard in resisting sweets and need a pick me up you will want to try Plexus Slim/Accelerator combo!


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Accelerator + By Plexus

Lose weight and get the energy you need!If you are using the Plexus Slim/Accelerator combo, you may know as of November 2013, the Accelerator has changed to the Accelerator +.   Just watch this short clip about this new product.

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Cholesterol Down and Losing Weight

How I lost 31 pounds in 3 monthsDominique says~ I don’t normally share pictures of myself. But I wanted to share my testimony to help others. I have been on plexus for 12 weeks, in the first 30 days it dropped my total cholesterol 99points! I am now off cholesterol medication. I have helped me with postpartum depression and some other anxiety depression issues I had from losing our baby and my dad within 30 days of each other. It has alleviated my frequent headaches, my allergies are better, I have 0 fatigue, I have lost 31 lbs and 30 inches in 12 weeks, and to be honest I feel amazing!! It has helped me with my acne, helped me focus better, helped me gain a confidence I have never in my life had! I am sold on plexus and I am a lifer!! I take the pink drink and 1-2 accelerator along with probio5. I love all these products, I am going to be adding some biocleanse and body cream for scaring on my face and skin tags. I am so excited about plexus I could scream. I hope to inspire others to jump on this band wagon because it is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. I like a lot of moms and wives get so busy taking care of my family, I forgot about my self along the way. I am so thankful for what plexus is doing for me, and can not wait until Jan 1st to see how much more not only weight I lose but how much my health improves.

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