Debunk Stress During The Holidays

 With the holidays coming up along comes with it is stress!  From traffic, to overeating and to overspending is usually the 3 main components of feeling stressed out.  How can we control the amount of stress that comes into our lives?  We have a plan to be proactive instead of reactive.

Of course there is no way we can control traffic during the holidays, however we can control how we react to it.  We must plan ahead knowing and giving ourselves plenty of time to reach our location without feeling overwhelmed in traffic.  Plan on going on the times when people are most likely not out which could be early morning instead of high traffic hours after work.  Simple and easy, right?  Make sure you have some great listening music or even a teaching help/motivation series in your car so when you are caught in traffic you can learn and stay focused instead of yelling at the other driver for going so slow.

Over eating is another stress during the holiday and gaining weight can cause us to feel even more stressed out.  What tops that off is we usually stress eat more sugar/sweets/carbs to release the feel good hormone.  It is a dangerous never-ending cycle!  What is the answer?  Plexus Slim is a pink drink you mix with a bottle of water every morning and drink.  I love it!  It helps me curb my sugar cravings and helps me feel balanced in all areas.  I highly suggest you try it especially if you want to watch your weight and prevent weight gain during the holidays.  In fact it may help you lose those unwanted pounds and inches.  You can order here at this link:  BUY PLEXUS SLIM AND BLOCK HERE If you are wanting more control when it comes to appetite and blocking sugar/carbs then you may want to purchase the BLOCK too.  (Be sure to get Preferred for a special discount!)

Small stressors can quickly add up to major stress and one big stressful event can send you reeling, with no idea of how to start addressing it. If you could just get away for a little stress relief, you know you would be okay. But too few of us have the time — or the money — to run off on an impromptu vacation.

Well, you don’t have to spend a dime or go anywhere other than a quiet spot nearby to take a mental vacation.

Holidays are coming and so is stress.  Here are some easy ways to release and relieve stress!  Stress Relief: Take Off on a Mental Vacation 

If you don’t find a way to reduce stress, your health will pay the price, both mentally and physically. You can unwind every day in simple ways and still get a major benefit.

Visualizing a stress-free place and other relaxation techniques are quick and easy ways to help your whole body calm down and give you just the boost you need to get on with your day. These six ways for you to slip away on a mental vacation to reduce stress:

  1. Read a book in bed. This is a great escape and can leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to face whatever is outside your bedroom door. Your bed is warm, cozy, comfortable, and a peaceful place for you. It feels luxurious, and getting lost in a good book is a perfect way to forget, then refocus, your own thoughts.  Lavender oil is a relaxing oil you can purchase and apply topically or in a diffuser.  You may buy your kit or other oils such as Lavender or Peace and Calming Here: RELAX HERE WITH ESSENTIAL OILS 
  2. Visualize relaxation. Steal a few quiet moments to close your eyes and think of an image that relaxes you — such as the warm sun on your skin and the sound of the ocean, a big country field sprinkled with flowers, or a trickling stream.  Think back to a time when you felt peaceful and relaxed, and focus on releasing the tension from your toes to your head.
  3. Look at pictures or videos from a happy time.   Pull out snapshots or videos of a family vacation or a fun dinner with friends. Reflect on your memories of that occasion, and what made it so enjoyable. Spend a few quiet moments reminiscing, and you’ll find yourself more relaxed.
  4. Look out a window. Distract yourself by focusing on something other than what’s stressing you. Grab a steaming cup of coffee or tea, close the door, and take a mental break. Do a little people watching, appreciate any birds within view, or enjoy some fluffy clouds rolling by. Allow yourself to daydream for a few minutes.
  5. Listen to a relaxation CD. Invest in a couple of these CDs for a short daily escape. You may like to hear chirping birds, rolling waves, or gentle rain — whatever your choice, closing your eyes and listening to these soothing sounds while doing some deep breathing can help you relax and de-stress.  It may be some oldies that bring back memories when you were a teen and carefree!
  6. Take a walk. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress because it’s a great escape for your mind. Head out for a quiet early morning walk or lace up your sneakers on your lunch break. Walking along a trail, waterfront, or other peaceful place when possible may offer even more relaxation.
  7. Breathe.   When you start feeling a clenched jaw, tightness in your chest or overwhelmed, take some deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth.  Do this about 10 times and several times a day to release more oxygen in your body.

Treat yourself to a 5-, 10-, or 20-minute mental vacation each day and train your body to relax and reduce stress — you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel after taking just a few luxurious moments all to yourself.

I hope you found this article tip helpful and if you have other stress relief ideas, please comment below what you do!

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Stay healthy my friend!

You Have Been Tricked!

  From one grandmother to another , what we give our grandchildren should be healthy, are these healthy?  Not so.... why?  Check this out!  Click this photo to find out.Veggie Chips or Sticks

Sure the name is deceiving and these cute little easy to hold snack is great for toddlers, plus as a grandmother we want our grandchildren to have the best right?

The word veggie is in its name, so this snack must be healthier than potato chips, right? Wrong. Don’t be duped by the word “veggie” in their title. A serving of veggie chips isn’t a healthy substitute for fresh, frozen, or even canned veggies. One serving of veggies contains 25 calories and many vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (plant chemicals that fight disease). Once the veggies are processed into chips, many of the vitamins and plant chemicals are destroyed. This leaves you with a food that’s much higher in calories and fat with fewer nutrients.

Most varieties of veggie chips contain mostly corn flour or potato, with small amounts of vDo you think you are giving your family a healthy snack?  Think again....eggie powder or puree mixed in.  Many of these chips are made of vegetable flour and don’t contain any real vegetables at all!  Although they may have spinach powder mixed in to give them the green color, so if they do contain veggies, the essential vitamins such as A and C that are found in vegetables are lost in the processing of these chips, so they don’t offer much in the way of nutrition.

Most of these chips are high in fat, calories and sodium. An ounce of veggie chips has 150 calories — the same as potato chips! Potato chips only have a gram or two more fat.

Who wants fat and calories and a lot more sodium?   Plus, veggie chips, on average, cost 30 percent more than potato chips!

From one mom to another, just how healthy are these?  You may be surprised! So don’t be fooled thinking you are serving your children a “healthy snack” when actually you are serving them a snack of fat and calories!  If you feel as though you want a healthy snack, then slice up your own potatoes and give them real food.   I like to use Kale chips which are easy to make, and other veggies.  If you don’t want to make them, then check your local whole foods market or other organic store for dried green beans, okra and other healthy alternatives.

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Best Weight Loss Product On The Market

“I believe this is the best weight loss product Plexus has EVER offered.”  this is what Plexus Customer told me this week.  She had tried the other products and lost weight but was trying to lose her last 8-10 pounds.  Finally something that can stand alone without taking other products and is affordable for less than $40!

So what is this amazing product called?  BLOCK!   YOU CAN PURCHASE HERE and see the prices!HOW MUCH IS THIS GREAT WEIGHT loss product?  Find out here! (BE SURE to click Preferred Customer at purchase (shop now button) to receive a special discount!)

MY EXPERIENCE:  I wanted to take it first hand to experience it before my customers did.  With the first dose, I took 45 minutes before lunch.  I felt full even before lunch and could only eat 1/2 cup of chili.  I felt as though I had ate a steak dinner with a baked potato.  I felt the same way throughout the afternoon, and didn’t take another dosage because I didn’t feel as though I needed it.  In fact I ate just a little out of habit.  I felt a little hungry around 10 but drank some water and headed for bed.

So in my experience, and everyone must work out their own, it seems like it is best to take 2 capsules 60 min before largest meal or both lunch and dinner.  My friend has lost 11 pounds in 5 days.  I am excited to report my progress to after a week since I just started yesterday, so be sure to subscribe to the left of this page so you can follow my update!   I believe this is a great way to start in weight loss and in helping you reach those last pounds or as a catalyst for healthy eating as you lose weight.

What the heck does this NEW WEIGHT LOSS product do????  Crazy weight loss!!!! Here are some other results:  PERSONAL TESTIMONIES:

“I consulted with my pharmacist because I am currently on Cozaar. He said he didn’t see anything in it that would cause any contradictions. I guess I should be checking it to see if it’s helping with BP as well.”

“I brought the sample bottle to my pharmacist and he said that I was completely fine taking it and I have severe blood pressure issues

“I have Hashi’s hypothyroidism & I do fine on it. As a matter of fact…I think it gives me a little MORE energy. Which is very hard for a Hashi’s person to get.”

“I have Hashi’s and I sent the ingredients to my Dr, and got the all clear.”

“I am a thyroid cancer survivor and I have no thyroid. I am loving the product

“Today is day 11 on Block & I absolutely love it!! I am down 6 pounds and my appetite is awesome…NO MORE BINGE EATING!!! I am craving water & best of all I haven’t had to take my Zantac for acid reflux in 10 days!!!
I take slim, probio, biocleanse, xfactor & Block!! I am taking 1 block before lunch and 1 before supper.
I also have no thyroid & take a natural replacement called Armour. As per doctors orders I take my thyroid meds 1 hour before any of my Plexus products.”want to knock out WEIGHT?  Check out this new product with incredible results!!!

“I have been on the Block for 10 days and have lost 7lbs. I have not had any of the weird side effects like diarrhea or constipation . I feel fabulous. I did have the bloating feeling at first but that went away after a couple days. I have been taking 2 before my lunch and dinner meal and also take the Slim, ProBio,Cleanse and Fast relief. I am on Synthroid for under active or hypothyroid”

“This is day 10 for me. I have not lost any weight but am down 3 or 4 inches. Pants fitting looser as well. I have AWESOME appetite control, sustained energy throughout the day (which was not the case pre-Block), and I am sleeping like a rock. I am a HUGE Block fan!!!

I think I am dreaming again for the first time in months. I have hypothyroid and take Armour in the morning, then Slim, XFactor, ProBio & Boost (which I will probably stop) with breakfast and then 1 Block with lunch and 1 with dinner.

“I am a very slow loser and had lost 2lbs before traveling for 10’s not a lot but is huge for me! Really cutting my appetite and increasing water intake. I have gone back and forth between taking 1 or 2 before meals. “

“I am on day 17 and I have lost 7 lbs and I am down 4.5 inches. It has helped tremendously as an appetite suppressant and I am seeing a decrease in my desires for sweets”

“2 weeks now and down 7lbs and 6.5 inches. 2 pills before dinner 30mins to one hour.”

 YOU CAN PURCHASE HERE and see the prices!HOW MUCH IS THIS GREAT WEIGHT loss product?  Find out here! (BE SURE to click Preferred Customer at purchase (shop now button) to receive a special discount!)

“I have been taking for 3 weeks now. I have noticed a little in inches. The scales really hasn’t moved for me but I have noticed is how I feel. I have a terrible allergic reaction to sugars and carrageenan and I have noticed that my reaction is tremendously less since I have been on Block. I think but cutting my intake by half it is also cutting my allergic reaction by half also. Thank God. It’s been a hard object to overcome for me. I know my appetite is gone and just a few bites of anything make me full.”

New Testimony of a great product to lose weight!“Found my perfect mix with 1 in the am and 1 before dinner! Helps me with cravings and portion control throughout the entire day! Total after 2 weeks lost is 3 lbs and 2 inches in my waist alone! Craving water again and definitely decreased appetite!”

“2 twice daily, day 12, loosened clothing & decreased appetite, slight energy increase, inches unmeasured, down 7.4 #”

Results with BLOCK by Plexus Worldwide!“12 days – 1 1/2 inches gone, 5 pounds, 2 pills at dinner time.”

“6 days on, Triplex too, only taking one a day because of iodine allergy, will increase tomorrow, a couple of pounds down, I will measure later this week, but I can tell some inches are going…… yeah!”

“Easy breezy getting my water in, some appetite control, 2″ around waist in week one gone. On for 9 days. Take the Triplex also. Started at 4 (2 before lunch and dinner). Now doing one before lunch and that’s all.”

“Been taking it for 17days. 1 before breakfast, and 2 before dinner. Feel full, even when tempting foods around. Increased water intake and lowered sugars, this helped me accomplish that! No more fluctuations, Scale is moving! 9 lbs gone! No jitters, no blood sugar effects! Slim, fast relief and Boost daily.”

“I’ve been on it a week and a half and have lost 7 pounds. I take x-factor, slim in the morning, 2 blocks before my 2 biggest meals, 3 probios and 2 biocleanse at night.”

BLOCK by plexus is the most ground breaking NEW product that is having incredible results, so share with those who want results!“2 Week Weigh In – 13.8 lbs down!!

The greatest appetite control I’ve EVER experienced!!

Water intake is amazing!

Complete control over sugars & sweets!!


People who….
* shows insulin resistance (metabolic syndrome)
* diabetic/pre diabetic
* overweight
* craves carbs or overconsumption of carbs

* On other Slim products:  If you were taking Probio prior to adding, DO NO STOP. Continue taking the probio during your test, as your system is relying on those digestive enzymes from it, and by adding the test product, you may get constipated.

(I would also venture to say this would include Biocleanse. Don’t stop taking that either. Our appetites are once again changing, and when they do, it puts our digestive system up in arms! Focus on your probio and your cleanse, drinking plenty of water to help keep your system functioning properly.)”

“I am allergic to shellfish I have NO issues”

“I am using Block. My allergy to shellfish is I just get itchy. I myself have no problems at all due to shellfish allergy.”

Does someone with an iodine allergy need to avoid because of the iodine?

“I am allergic to iodine and when I tried to take 4 in a day I itched from head to toe. I got off completely and started back with 1 a day and had no reaction to iodine. I am now up to 2 a day. One before lunch and one before dinner”

“6 days on, Triplex too, only taking one a day because of iodine allergy, will increase tomorrow, a couple of pounds down, I will measure later this week, but I can tell some inches are going…… yeah!”

BLOCK ingredients  - Healthy and leaves you feeling full, find out more info here and how you can LOSE WEIGHT with this incredible product!“I am highly allergic to intravenous iodine and the only thing I have encountered was headaches but, went away after 4-5 days.”

“I was also allergic to ivp dye which is an iv of iodine contrast for a radiological test. I didn’t have any issues but started with one only and at lunch time incase I had an issue and I had Benadryl on stand by”

“I am allergic to topical iodine. I have been doing one a day so far. No problems yet .

Gluten Free – It is!

“Gluten free here and no problems”

“I have no problems from the gluten.

“I have severe Gluten Allergy and had no problems with the Block at all”

Block and Diabetes:

“I am type II and have been a tester. All going good so far.”

Block and pregnant/ Nursing Mothers:

Label says not intended for pregnant and nursing mothers so they would definitely need to get doctor’s approval.

“In order for a product to be labeled safe for pregnancy and nursing it has to go through FDA testing I believe. For example, melatonin has a class C pregnancy/nursing rating in the Lactation Guide and Davis Drug Guide. It’s only a C because it’s never been tested. No supplements or vitamins are tested. So, it may very well be safe, but you’ll need an ok from your OB if you’re wanting something definitive. More testimonies pouring in over this fantastic product for WEIGHT LOSS!

 YOU CAN PURCHASE HERE and see the prices!HOW MUCH IS THIS GREAT WEIGHT loss product?  Find out here! (BE SURE to click Preferred Customer at purchase (shop now button) to receive a special discount!)

I will say that iodine is HIGHLY important for fetal development, nursing babies and moms and Breast health!”

“I researched all the ingredients before starting. I am nursing. It has not made any difference in my supply, my babies mood or sleep habits or digestion.”

“I’m also nursing and have been using the product. I feel like it’s fattened up my milk which is good for me! I got sick a month ago and have had thin milk since then. Hasn’t changed my babies mood, sleep, or appetite.”

(Who is it NOT for:

People with hypoglycemic symptoms, or history of hypoglycemia. (It’s important to understand the InSea2 basically turns “off” the chemical reaction component in our bodies that turn the carbs we ingest into glucose.)

NOTE from another Ambassador:  It appears that some people are associating the name BLOCK with a binding agent that attaches to molecular structures in the gut without discriminating, rendering them too big to be absorbed into the bloodstream by the intestine, and therefore later passed on into the stool.

To be clear: this is NOT the mechanism of action of BLOCK. instead, the active ingredients (white kidney bean extract and insea2/brown seaweed) work by neutralizing the effects of the digestive enzymes that are released by the pancreas in response to a carb load entering the duodenum (initial 1/3 of small intestine).

The therapeutic effect achieved by BLOCK is NOT a result of binding to food so that it later passes on unabsorbed by the intestine into the stool. instead, it is achieved by BLOCK decreasing the ability of digestive enzymes to break down carbohydrates into smaller, more simple forms of sugar that are easily absorbed by the intestine.

There’s no “binding” or “blocking” of essential nutrients.  The good news is that BLOCK DOES NOT prevent the absorption of ALL carbohydrates. instead, it only prevents the absorption of EXCESS carbohydrates “by up to 48%.”

It  should be noted that the active ingredient in BLOCK (inseam) has also been shown to produce an increased sensation of fullness in individuals by reducing the post-meal glycemic peak and allowing for a slower blood-glucose response, while also contributing to a decrease in the next-meal’s caloric intake. this sensation of fullness has been confirmed and experienced firsthand by many of us that are already taking the product.

As for any concern regarding the nutritional value of carbohydrates that might’ve otherwise been absorbed in the absence of BLOCK, rest easy in knowing that the “nutritional value” of carbohydrates is evident everywhere in the form of an obesity epidemic here in the states.

Not absorbing all of the carbs that you eat has nothing at all to do with being undernourished, especially considering that obesity everywhere actually proves that we are essentially over-nourished with carbs in our society.

So, the take-home message here is very simple: if you’re worried about not absorbing enough carbs and later storing them as fat, then avoid this product for sure.

_________________________  Ready to order NOW? 

If you have any questions, just comment below and I will get back to you in 24 hours!  Let’s get healthy!





Belly Fat Test – Which Belly Fat Do You Have?

Choose your belly fat!  What other signs to look for in helping you choose your belly fat remedy. What kind of belly do you have?  Did you know there are 4 different types of belly fat?  I know that sounds funny but if we look around there is belly fat everywhere and as women we tend to gain belly fat as we get older.

But did you know that there are actually four different types of belly fat and depending upon which you have (and it could be a combination) would affect what measures need to be taken to get rid if it?

All four types are created by an underlying hormone imbalance. And you can have hormonal imbalance in more than one area. Hormone imbalances can affect your sleep cycles, carbohydrate cravings, and fat burning. Understanding how hormones affect your body and the healing process enables you to get healthier faster and make sure that your diet, exercise and supplement regimen are going to effectively address the specific hormones you are dealing with and get rid of the belly faster.

The shape of your body is an important clue to what is happening to your organ and hormone health and how those things impact your ability to both gain and lose weight.

Each body shape has a dominant organ or gland that effects hormonal health  – which impacts weight gain as well as the anatomical location of where that weight is deposited.

You have probably noticed that some folks have all their weight in their mid-section, some have the weight around their thighs and buttocks,  some people are thin all over except for the “pot belly” they show, while some people have weight distribution all over their body.

Let’s look at each body type and understand the differences:

So, let’s talk about the 4 types and which Plexus products would be helpful.

If you or your spouse has a "pot belly" do you know this is a "liver belly"?  Find out how to get rid of it here!   Find out what belly you have here.1) LIVER BELLY:  Frequently seen in men as they age, but can be seen in women too. The typical image for people who store fat due to liver problems is the so-called pot belly: thin arms and legs, lots of fat sticking out in the abdominal area.

People with this belly type often complain of digestive problems, bloating, flatulence, as well as mid back pain and soreness without any apparent reason. Right shoulder pain might also appear.

This pattern is more frequent in men, but women may have this belly type as well.  How does the liver belly appear? Because people in this category wake up with low blood sugar levels after fasting overnight.

Normally, in healthy adults, blood sugar levels rise in the morning, but in people with liver belly, blood glucose is lower in the morning, irritability is higher and hunger doesn’t disappear after eating. This happens because bile isn’t released properly and food isn’t broken down as it should, so these people feel hungry after eating and crave for sugars, as a result of their low energy levels.

Solution to lowering the amount of fat in the abdominal area for people in this group: focus on restoring your liver’s functioning, and eat more proteins, as these help keeping blood sugar levels under control. Replace simple carbs with complex ones, coming from fruits and veggies, and eliminate soda and alcoholic beverages from your menu. Your liver needs to detox for you to lose the liver belly, so water should become your favorite beverage.

The only way to get rid of a liver belly is to get your liver function back on track. Eat more proteins, as these help keeping blood sugar levels under control.

Replace simple carbs with complex ones, coming from fruits and veggies, and eliminate soda and alcoholic beverages from your menu. Your liver needs to detox for you to lose the liver belly, so water should become your favorite beverage along with a fresh squeezed lemon in a glass of water first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything else.

Did you know there are different types of belly fat?  Which one are you?
Which products might help?

Plexus Slim: to balance your blood sugar and reduce sugar cravings. Taken first thing in the morning after your lemon or squeeze lemon in your plexus slim, this could relieve morning irritability.

BLOCK: Block is a great way to keep blood sugar levels in check post meal and prevents carbohydrates and sugar from being stored as fat.  If you eat a large lunch or evening meal, then 1-2 capsules 30-60 min before the meal will help.

Probio5 and Biocleanse: Biocleanse can be taken between meals, and Probio 5 at night.  Because this belly type has frequent digestive complaints, Probio5 and Biocleanse could help alleviate that distress while balancing intestinal flora.

Thyroid Belly, do you have one?  Find out what kind of belly you have here and how to get rid of it.2) THYROID BELLY:  For thyroid belly friends, predominately women, the fat is usually distributed throughout the entire body, from neck and shoulders to legs, and the accumulation of excess weight is caused by an abnormal dominance of estrogen.

Estrogen dominance wreaks havoc in many ways (thyroid, adrenal, fatigue, fertility, body pain, etc.)

Too much estrogen slows down the thyroid and causes weight gain, a common complaint of those with hypothyroidism. But it is not limited to weight.

There are over 300 hypothyroid symptoms.
Thyroid belly individuals have cravings for sweets and fats, have saggy skin on their arms and tend to have thinner outer eyebrows. They tend to lose hair, to have brittle fingernails and have a poor circulation and cold extremities.

Your best chance of getting rid of the thyroid belly is to restore the functioning of this gland and normalize the levels of estrogen. Women are more likely to get this type of fat, but men can have it as well.

Which products might help?

Plexus Slim: chromium and alpha-lipoic acid have a beneficial action on thyroid function. Additionally, it could help stem the cravings for sweets and fats this group battles.
Probio5: this would be a great addition because thyroid disease is thought to be intimately connected with gut health.
Biocleanse: this is a great option because so many hypothyroid people struggle with constipation as a result of energy being down regulated, along with metabolism.
X Factor : X Factor contains Thiamine. Thiamine is one of the B vitamins, known as B1. Its main responsibility is to change carbohydrates into energy and it also helps with the digestion of proteins and fats. Thiamine is necessary for proper release of hydrochloric acid in our stomachs, which is required for proper protein digestion. Most people with thyroid belly have low stomach acid or do not release any stomach acid. X factor could be helpful because it is formulated with aloe, which increases nutrient absorption by as much as 400% .

Do you have a saggy belly, you may have this type of belly fat.3.) ADRENAL BELLY: Are you under chronic stress? It could be from anything … a bad marriage, struggling finances, a difficult job situation, troubled children, becoming a caregiver for a parent or a handicapped child, battling a chronic illness, etc.. These individuals are often very type A, achievers, driven, find it hard to say no etc.

People in this category typically gain weight if they undergo stressful periods, and the belly fat tends to cause a saggy abdomen, but can also become the visceral or hard fat that is deep within the body. Your bodily cortisol concentrations are controlled by an enzyme that’s located in fat cells, with visceral cells having more of these enzymes than subcutaneous cells. “Having higher levels of these enzymes in your abdominal fat contributes to obesity because greater amounts of cortisol are being produced”, says Christine A. Maglione-Garves in the University of New Mexico article, “Cortisol Connection.”

“Accumulating fat and higher cortisol levels in the body also are associated with a higher appetite, sugar cravings and weight gain”, says Maglione-Garves. Sustained periods of stress make both men and women in this group gain large amounts of fat around their waist, and this leads to low back pain, general fatigue and even fibromyalgia.

Common symptoms associated with cortisol excess: poor sleep patterns, poor memory, brain fog, worry excessively and often crave for salty foods at night. People with adrenal belly are irritable and edgy most of the time.

The best solution would be to eliminate as much stress as possible, but in our society that is easier said than done. Because blood sugar and cortisol have a very intimate relationship, keeping your blood sugar balanced is imperative. This can be achieved by eating a protein rich snack 2 hours before going to bed.

Which products might help?

Plexus Slim: contains chromium. Chromium has been found to have a profoundly nourishing effect on adrenal function. Sugar cravings are a common component of adrenal dysfunction and getting them under control is key to getting your adrenals healthy again.

BLOCK: cravings for simple carbohydrates like salty chips and baked potatoes are quite common for adrenal belly types. Getting those cravings under control, but also reducing any post meal blood sugar spikes would be a great option. Cortisol and blood sugar work closely together in the body to provide adequate energy. When cortisol is too high it is not uncommon for people to experience blood sugar challenges.
Probio5: as with everything else, a healthy gut is important for overall health and well-being. Candida overgrowth is often and underlying factor in adrenal dysfunction whether from overuse of antibiotics or diminished immunity from stress. Adding probio5 could help restore the healthy balance of intestinal flora.

Biocleanse: All stress states increase the rate at which the body uses up magnesium. In his blog, Dr. James Wilson suggests that individuals with adrenal issues increase their intake of this important mineral, which plays a role in the function of more than 300 enzymes in the body. Magnesium is a highly nourishing and calming mineral. Magnesium is found to be deficient in most people, but especially those impacted by chronic stress. Biocleanse is formulated with both magnesium and vitamin C, both of which have been found to benefit adrenal function.

X Factor: X factor has a potent combination of B vitamins, including Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) can help nourish the adrenal glands and return the cortisol production back to normal. Vitamin B5 converts into a substance called acetyl co-enzyme A, a precursor to all the steroid hormones.
Vitamin C plays a major role across all cells in the body, providing a powerful antioxidant effect in all water-soluble areas of the body. The adrenal glands require a continual supply of the nutrient in order to produce cortisol, making vitamin C supplementation highly relevant to sufferers of chronic stress.

article-page-main-ehow-images-a07-ln-2o-diets-pearshaped-body-800x8004.) OVARY BELLY: Obviously, this is only in women and usually looks like saddlebags and lower stomach fat. Estrogen excess is the cause of this type of belly, and women are more likely to start storing fat in the mentioned areas after giving birth, due to hormonal changes and estrogen spikes.

Women with Ovary Belly are very likely to have heavy periods, facial hair, frequent acne outbreaks and headaches, to suffer from bloating, PMS, depression and ovarian cysts. Lower back pain and hip pain, as well as knee pain during the menstrual period are very likely to appear. Water retention also occurs during the cycle, along with a low libido, hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats.

The solution in this case is to balance the hormonal levels and fix the ovarian cysts, if present.

How Plexus might help?

Plexus Slim: Balancing blood sugar is very important in balancing hormone levels. Sugar has been shown to increase estrogen, so getting those cravings under control would be helpful.

BLOCK: women in this group frequently mention Cravings for carbohydrates and sugar. Block’s patented ingredient InSea2 has been shown to reduce post meal blood sugar spikes by 48%. It also helps prevent carbohydrates and sugar from being stored as fat. Additionally, BLOCK contains Iodine and Iodine has a proven rule in helping lower excess estrogen levels.

Probio5 and Biocleanse: Your body only has one way to “waste” or eliminate excess hormones and that is through regular, daily bowel movements. Chronic constipation is a frequent complaint in women with estrogen dominance. Food that remains in the intestinal track too long is likely to create issues with disrupted bacterial balance and nutrient absorption. Because Plexus Biocleanse and Probio5 are formulated to work synergistically to restore gut health and intestinal balance, the addition of these to products could be helpful.

I have reserved a special price for my Preferred Customers to get a special discount on all these Plexus products by clicking the link below. 

Let me know how I can help you get started on your Plexus plan and get rid of your belly fat today!

Men Drink Plexus Too

As a Plexus Ambassador, some people think that Plexus products are only for women, but we have had quite a few results even with men!  AND the big bonus, is that men lose faster most of the time faster than women, not fair for us women right? Be sure to check out testimonies on my Facebook page too


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How I Lost Over 45 Pounds with Hypothyroidism

“My Plexus journey began in March 2013 when I was Googling for some miracle to help me lose some weight. I had hit well over 100kgs [220lbs] & was desperate. I stumbled across Plexus Slim, however thought it “too good to be true” so looking at it and researching over and over was all I did. 


Fast forward to July and a post popped up on a friends Facebook for 3 Day Trials for this Plexus Slim so I thought, OK i’ll give it a go. That was it, within the 3 days I was hooked, the scales moved, my cravings diminished and I had extra energy. I have never missed a day since and I am now 13 months into my journey (Sept 2014).

Plexus has been a God-send. I have Hashimoto’s disease and I have hypothyroidism so I thought I was just destined to be fat and depressed. I now know that is not the case! Since Plexus I have lost over 20kg [45lbs], my daily headaches (and daily pain killer addiction) are totally gone, I drink NO Diet Coke (use to drink it all day every day), I feel better, have more energy, sleep better, nails are growing & my outlook is extremely positive.

I have also made Plexus my booming business and the ‘Pink Drink’ pays all my bills and expenses. Not only have I gotten healthy, I am getting wealthy too – it is simply amazing!!

I will drink my daily Plexus forever. It is the BEST thing I have done for myself and my family in a very, very long time.”

- Sr. Gold Ambassador Donna Bettes 

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Man Loses 100 Pounds By Stealing

I know that sounds like a catchy and funny headline, but nevertheless, let me explain and listen to this story from one of my Team Plexy Members.  It was her husband that was secretly taking something from her….so lets read!  When she posted the picture here is what she wrote: Man loses 100 pounds by stealing this important product!

Would you like to know how he lost weight???   He did not have surgery… he didn’t exercise …. and with no special diet…. how do I know? Because this is my husband.   I myself had started taking the product  and I would leave it out on my counter as to remind me to take it each day… well, one day I looked in my slim bag and it was low and almost out… I was like,  I shouldn’t be out!  My husband  was really quite, so I turned to him and asked him if he was taking MY Plexus Slim!   He confessed that he was taking the slim out of her bag and drinking it for himself!

  He started last July 2013 weighing right at 300 lbs… and now one year later … this July 2014 …he has lost over 100 lbs by using plexus slim!  He says right not he is weighing in at 178 and his goal is 160.  I know losing weight is hard for everyone but it doesn’t have to be… I know, right? ..Your saying another diet .. well this is no diet .. it’s no meal replacement… he said if he could do it, then anyone can… I’m so proud of him…he’s now a plexus ambassador too… plexus is great. Plus the Dr said all of his diabetic levels are great!  Thanks plexus!

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What The Heck Is Leaky Gut?

What is leaky gut signsI know it sounds gross to imagine your gut is leaking inside and causing all kinds of problems.  Could you have leaky gut?

The gut is the gateway to health. If your gut is healthy, chances are that you’re in good health. However, there’s a condition called leaky gut that can lead to a host of health problems.

What is a leaky gut?

The gut is naturally permeable to very small molecules in order to absorb these vital nutrients. In fact, regulating intestinal permeability is one of the basic functions of the cells that line the intestinal wall. In sensitive people, gluten can cause the gut cells to release zonulin, a protein that can break apart tight junctions in the intestinal lining. Other factors — such as infections, toxins, stress and age — can also cause these tight junctions to break apart. Once these tight junctions get broken apart, you have a leaky gut. When your gut is leaky, things like toxins, microbes, undigested food particles, and more can escape from your intestines and travel throughout your body via your bloodstream. Your immune system marks these “foreign invaders” as pathogens and attacks them. The immune response to these invaders can appear in the form of any of the signs you have a leaky gut.  If you experience surplus gas, abdominal bloating or cramping, fatigue or food sensitivities, it’s possible you may have leaky gut! Look at these major signs of Leaky gut which are listed below.

Signs You Have a Leaky Gut

  • Digestive issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Seasonal Allergies – asthma.
  • Hormonal imbalances such as PMS or PCOS.
  • Diagnosis of an Autoimmune Disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, lupus, psoriasis, or celiac disease.
  • Diagnosis of chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.
  • Mood and mind issues such as depression, anxiety, ADD or ADHD.
  • Skin issues such as acne, rosacea, or eczema.
  • Food allergies or food intolerance.

Could Candida be the reason?  There is so much in the news today about Candida or yeast overgrowth!

There are a few things they do know about it:

  1. It exhibits increased permeability in the intestines
  2. Bigger holes in the intestinal wall allows bacteria, toxins, partially digested foods, and waste to pass into the bloodstream
  3. Those with extreme food sensitivities may be more at risk for contracting it
  4. It seems anyone can get it at anytime

Growing evidence suggests yeast (aka Candida) is responsible for the majority of cases of leaky gut. An imbalance in the gut flora, due to a diet high in refined sugar and carbohydrates (also contributors to inflammation) or excessive alcohol consumption or antibiotic use, as well as chronic stress seem to play a role in in increased intestinal permeability.

Doesn’t it make sense that if you get rid of the Candida overgrowth, you might also heal the leaky gut syndrome?

Traditional treatments for leaky gut include changing to an anti-inflammatory diet and taking probiotics. Such treatments as our ProBio5.  If you suffer from digestive problems that don’t go away or have been diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome,Pro Bio5 along with the BioCleanse could be the answer for you!

Of course not all digestive distress is caused by leaky gut. Not everyone diagnosed with leaky gut has digestive issues. But many tummy troubles can be linked to Candidiasis. Many have found relief for their gas, bloating, cramping, and so on.  Get help today by messaging me or click this link to get your ProBio5 and BioCleanse along with your X Factor Vitamins and be sure to get my special price I have reserved for you with a discount by ordering PREFERRED CUSTOMER.

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What you can take to get your sugar addictions and leaky gut under control! How do you heal a leaky gut?

1. Remove.

Remove the bad. The goal is to get rid of things that negatively affect the environment of the GI tract, such as inflammatory and toxic foods, and intestinal infections. The main culprits are foods, infections, and toxins. Gluten is the number one cause of leaky gut. Other inflammatory foods like dairy or toxic foods, such sugar and excessive alcohol, are suspected as well. The most common infectious causes are candida overgrowth, intestinal parasites, and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Toxins come in the form of medications, including NSAIDS like Motrin and Advil, steroids, antibiotics, and acid-reducing drugs. They can also present in the form of  environmental toxins like mercury, pesticides and BPA from plastics. Stress and age also contribute to a leaky gut.This includes Sugar, gluten and toxic foods, Processed foods, boxed foods, and excessive alcohol included.

2. Replace.

Replace the good. Add back the essential ingredients for proper digestion and absorption, such as Vegan foods including plenty of raw veggies, organic foods and fruit. Plenty of water.

3. Reinoculate.

It’s critical to restore and reestablish a healthy balance of good bacteria.

Plexus Slim Vitamins X Factor4. Repair.

It’s essential to provide the nutrients necessary to help the gut repair itself. One of my favorite supplements is the X-Factor Vitamins with Aloe.  It helps carry the nutrients throughout the body making sure the vitamins are absorbed. You can order that from the same link also listed below.

Signs Of Stress for Women

It’s been a little over 2 years now and I have not only felt better because I lost weight but also took control over my overall health.  You can see what action I implemented at the bottom of the page to get me started on the right track.  If you find yourself with these symptoms you may want to take a step back and start making changes for a healthier and stress free lifestyle.  It all starts with your eating habits and making some changes in your diet.  When you “feel” better, you make better choices.

The effects of stress on your emotional and physical health may be worse than you thought.

Although female sex hormones and brain chemistry offer some protection from stress, women are more deeply affected by the physical and emotional effects of stress than men.  Stress can make you look older and dehydrate your skin.

Did you know that women need more hugs than men?  Need to de-stress?  HUG! Stress: Women need more touch

The effects of the anti-stress hormone oxytocin, produced during childbirth, breastfeeding, and in both sexes during orgasm, are enhanced by estrogen and reduced by testosterone, which helps women more than men. Nurturing activities boost oxytocin levels in women. The catch-22 is that women need more oxytocin than men to maintain their emotional health. For example,  women are more negatively affected when they’re not touched, and also feel more stress than men in relationships.

Prolonged stress effects can negatively affect your physical and emotional health. The tragedy is that today, it’s not that, but hundreds of things like getting stuck in traffic jams, our bodies respond in the same unfortunate fashion, with hypertension, strokes, and ulcers.

signs of stress for women and what to do about itStress Effects: The Physical Side

“Your stress may vary, but if you have stress with your work, your kids, your neighbors, and marriage all at once, that’s a big deal,” said Lori Heim, MD, president-elect of the AAFP and a hospitalist (a family physician who works only in a hospital) at Scotland Memorial Hospital in Laurinburg, N.C. “In women, I see this in changes in Menstrual patterns — nothing else is going on except a huge increase in stress, and all of a sudden, they may be losing their hair or having menstrual irregularities, and everything points to stress as a factor.”

The AIS reports that some surveys show 75 to 90 percent of visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints. According to the National Women’s Health Information Center, the effects of stress on women’s physical and emotional health can range from headaches to irritable bowel syndrome. Specific stress effects include:

  • Eating disorders. Anorexia and bulimia are 10 times more common in women than in men, says Rosch, and this may have something to do with stress levels. Like depression, this illness has been linked to low levels of serotonin and is often treated with serotonin-boosting antidepressant drugs.
  • Stomach ailments. Stress can make you reach for junk or comfort foods, or upset your stomach to the point that you feel like you can’t eat. Common stress-related stomach troubles include cramps, bloating, heartburn, and even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Depending on how you respond, these can lead to weight loss or weight gain.
  • Skin reactions. Stress can lead to breakouts and even itchy rashes and hives in some people.
  • Emotional conditions. From being in a blue or irritable mood to more serious mental issues like depression, your emotional health suffers when there’s stress in your life. Women are better than men at hiding some emotions like anger and aggressiveness  because the parts of their brains responsible for these emotions are larger than men’s, but depression strikes women twice as often as men, says Rosch, adding, “The emotional effects of stress on women can range from postpartum depression after pregnancy to depression after menopause.”
  • Sleep problems. Trouble falling or staying asleep is common in women affected by stress, and this is particularly counterproductive since a good night’s sleep can help ease stress.
  • Concentration difficulty. Stress makes it hard to focus and be effective in your responsibilities at home or work, and that can compound your problems if your stress comes from your job to begin with.
  • Heart disease. The stress of competing in today’s job market has increased women’s heart disease risk, Rosch says. Stress can negatively affect the entire cardiovascular system, and lead to high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack.
  • Lowered immune response. One of the more complicated physical reactions to stress is your body’s lessened ability to fight off disease, whether it’s a cold or a flare-up of a chronic condition.
  • Cancer. Some studies have suggested a link between stress and the development of breast and ovarian cancer. In one study, researchers found that the risk of breast cancer was increased by 62 percent in women who had experienced more than one highly stressful life event, like divorce or the death of a spouse.

Stress Effects: Stress-Lowering Techniques

Research presented at the most recent Western Psychological Association meeting found that 25 percent of happiness hinges on how well you handle stress. And what was the most important stress management strategy? Planning — or anticipating what’s going to stress you out — and having the tools in place to tamp down the tension. Here are some more tips for managing stress:

  • Improve your diet. By eating well-balanced meals and skipping junk food, you can improve your physical well-being and, in turn, your emotional health.
  • Make time for exercise. “We do know that exercise is a phenomenal way of dealing with stress and depression,” said Dr. Heim. Research shows that getting active can lift your spirits and increase the release of endorphins, a natural chemical associated with mood.
  • Find fun ways to relax. Connect with family and friends and people you enjoy being around. Rediscover favorite hobbies; recent studies link a resurgence in knitting and needlepoint to their stress-reducing effects. Other popular stress-busters include yoga, meditation, and tai chi.

Finally, if you feel overwhelmed by stress and its effects, talk to your doctor about ways to deal with it. You may learn new techniques for managing stress on your own, or you may find that therapy with a mental health professional will better help you to get it all under control.

Improve Your Diet

You may not realize it now but you are what you eat and that is scary especially in how we as women turn to fast drive throughs and boxed processed meals.  Not only do we need to slow down, relax but plan out our meals for a more healthy meals. If you are overweight and tired, chances are you are not only under stress but unhealthy inside your body.

One of the things I did to look younger and feel great was lose weight and this is how I did it! Over 2 years ago I turned to Plexus Slim as a weight loss supplement that not only regulated my blood sugars but gave me appetite control.  It is a cherry pomegranate flavored powder you mix with a bottle of water and drink!  I also took the Accelerator capsule.  I made some lifestyle changes along the way.  I gave up coke, and started planning out my meals with more fresh foods.  Not only did I lose 24 pounds but also 28 inches in three months!  Now I help people get healthy.  It also put me on the path to take out some of the stresses in my life!

Another suggestion is the ProBio5.  It is a probiotic that will help with gut issues but also brain fog, IBS, fungus,sugar cravings and yeast  … and the list goes on.  Getting the body in shape starts with a healthy gut. 


Order your Plexus slim/Accelerator Combo and the ProBio5 today!  Take control and wipe out the stress because you deserve it!



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